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Decide to Choose Some Happy Habits

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“Habits can make you or break you—you get to decide!” – Olive Wagar   Too often we tend to blame our lack of progress in achieving any goal on bad habits….

Decide to Love. Decide to Share. Decide to Donate.

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  Daily decisions make a difference! That may seem like an incredibly simple statement, but we live out the reality every single day. Most consequences do not just randomly show…

BOOK REVIEW: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning…

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  These words capture the essence of the message of the latest international best seller written by a wise woman in Sweden, aged between eighty and one hundred, and surrounded…

Decide to Discover Your Local Library (Or, How to Easily Save $1,000!)

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I absolutely love reading books and magazines! I have a customized “Read & Relax” alarm set on my phone for 9 pm every single night of the week. It is…

Why Organize?

Simplify Your Life.

Eliminate the clutter & stuff you no longer need or want.

Use Time Efficiently.

Always locate & return items to one designated place.

Save Money.

Avoid late fees by creating a bill paying station.

Reduce Stress.

Establish daily routines to accomplish tasks quickly & effectively.

Gain Peace of Mind.

Use one calendar to track and stay ahead of all commitments and appointments.

Enjoy Your Home.

Have nothing in your life that you do not know is useful or believe to be beautiful.

Decide. Organize. Enjoy!

Olive showed grace, compassion, and enthusiasm as she worked with a team of 4 professional organizers who assisted for an episode of the Lifetime TV show “Hoarders: Family Secrets.” Her cooperative and gentle spirit demonstrated respect for the family and crew. For the first time in the history of the show, I was confident to leave Olive and the team alone in the house while I shopped for the client. Olive and the crew whet above and beyond to help, encourage, and bless this client—and they even voluntarily returned a few weeks later to completely finish the work.

Dorothy "the Organizer" Breininger

Olive’s presentations are always inspiring and full of great ideas and humor. She offers a new perspective that can help change your attitude about all your belongings. We have invited her to the Vandalia Senior Center for 3 years in a row.

Toni WilliamsCoordinator Vandalia Senior Center

We love having Olive present programs at the West Milton library! She approaches every situation dealing with organization and decluttering with compassion and grace. Her pleasant and peaceful manner is so refreshing! The attendees always leave with many practical tips and ideas they can implement right away. I sincerely recommend her services!

Joyell NevinsMilton-Union Library

Our congregation has benefitted from Olive’s organizational skills. She established and maintains our church children’s library; maintains our teacher resource room; and organized a special room for wedding and event decorations. Olive uses her speaking and organizational skills to offer compassion and encouragement to ladies in our church and in the community. She is an excellent speaker for a Ladies Day event!

Nancy CollinsMid-County Church of Christ

Why Olive?

Compassion & Respect

Enjoy working with someone who listens, understands & helps with a nonjudgemental attitude.

Confidential Service

Guided by the NAPO Code of Ethics; also be assured that no “before” pictures will ever be posted or shared.

Practical Solutions

Discover real life solutions that are easy to maintain.

Community Connections for Unwanted Items

Receive a free list of Local Resources with consignment/donate/recycle options here in Miami County.

Engaging Educational Workshops for DIY Projects

Learn useful organizing skills & routines in a small group setting.

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