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March 10 is “Organize Your Home Office Day”. I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love having a home office! It is truly my own territory. I enjoy the challenge and responsibility that comes with owning my own business. I have created a place to work that is useful and uplifting. Let me share with you 10 special things I love about my home office.

  1. IT IS A DEDICATED ROOM. When I walk through the door, I know I have entered the office of Organized by Olive. I exclusively use this area for my office work. I do not drag my papers to other parts of my house. I have placed my desk by a window so that I can enjoy a wonderful view, fresh air, and natural light. I truly enjoy sitting down at my desk!
  2. THERE IS EMPTY DESK SPACE. When I come to my office each morning, I can see empty space ready and waiting for me to use. That means I can quickly start working on any task.
  3. MY PLANNER IS OPEN AND VISIBLE. I like using a paper planning calendar with one week at each opening. The time slots are in half hour increments. It is easy to schedule time-blocks of activity. I record all information about appointments and commitments in this one place.
  4. INDEX CARDS ARE READILY AVAILABLE. I use these cards to write down all the things I want to get done, one action per card. The cards can be put in order by priority. It is a great way to clear your mind from all those “little things” that become “big things” when you forget to do them.
  5. FREE STANDING VERTICAL FILES HOLD MY PENDING PAPERWORK. I like to see at a glance what needs to be finished, but I don’t like having stacks and piles. This is the perfect solution for me. The files have 3 one-inch sections and that creates a reasonable limit of pending work.
  6. MY BOOKSHELF HOLDS BOOKS THAT I REALLY READ AND USE. I like to read! In fact, I read every day! I often refer back to books for information and ideas. Books offer me advice, encouragement, and a sense of accomplishment. And I only keep the best ones!
  7. MY INSPIRATION BOARD IS EASY TO SEE. I have posted within easy view of my desk colorful calendar quotes and Bible verses that refresh my spirit and encourage my heart. And seeing the business cards of other women entrepreneurs gives me the courage to follow my dreams, too.
  8. PLASTIC FILE BOXES HOLD MY PRESENTATION MATERIALS. I put aside all the information and resources for  speaking presentations in separate plastic file totes. It is a handy way to work on more than one topic at a time.  And it keeps the piles off of the floor!
  9. MY TIMER IS WITHIN EASY REACH. I like to set a time limit when I am checking email, Facebook, or Pinterest. It is just so easy to completely lose track of time at those places because there is never a final page. The ticking sound makes me read faster!
  10. MY 2016 GOAL IS JUST ABOVE MY COMPUTER SCREEN. It is just a small note, but it reminds me every day that Organized by Olive is a business that can honor God and bless others. It will grow. It simply says NAPO CONVENTION 2016 ATLANTA. And I intend to be there!

What makes your office area special?


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