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Most of us have an abundance of photos! We tend to think they all need to be perfectly organized in beautifully embellished scrapbooks. That may be appropriate for some of them. However, there are easier ways to enjoy your photos that require much less time, energy, and money. Here are 3 of my favorites!


Posting photos on your refrigerator is certainly nothing new! However, it often looks rather sloppy. That’s why I love using magnetic photo pockets! The photos slip in the pockets and the entire back is a magnet. The protected photos stay flat. No need for an assortment of extra magnets at the corners!

They are available at Dollar General in a variety of sizes from wallet to 5 x 7. I also use the magnetic door to my garage as another display area. It’s easy to update and rearrange. It always looks neat. Most important of all, it always makes me smile as I look at the pictures of family and friends!



As I sorted through my pictures, I found several that were very good, but rather small. I decided they would be just right for tree ornaments! I used different sizes of paper punches and craft cardstock to create simple ornaments. The pictures that have very clear faces work the best. It transforms my Christmas tree into a memory tree! I put a hole punch at the top for a regular ornament hook, but you could also easily use a piece of ribbon. I store them all in a metal decorative box on my bookcase so I can look at them again during the year.



My aunt made a poster size photo collage for me when I celebrated my 30th birthday. Since then, I have made several others. Once again you will be cutting up your pictures to capture the smaller clear images. The frames at Wal-Mart are available in several sizes. There really isn’t a wrong way to arrange the photos. It does help to start with the largest and best photo right in the middle. Then start arranging and overlapping and adding until you fill up the space! You can also add sayings and slogans. It is a great way to capture images from several different years all in one frame.

What do all of these have in common? They all preserve precious memories in a way that adds to your daily enjoyment! They make your heart smile!


What’s your favorite way to enjoy your photos? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 


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  • Lynnette Chacalos says:

    I love the idea of the ornaments! I have always said that if the house ever catches on fire, I was going to make sure the family and dog got out first, and I was going to grab my family photos on the way out. I know before being able to “scan” or “download” photos, all of the “good ones” were cut up and put into collages for our family members. I wish it were possible to scan the collage and have it printed out so it could be framed and distributed to other family members.

    Our refrigerator photos usually change at the start of each school year and during the holidays when everyone send photo cards of their life events and travels from that year. I usually take the prior year’s photos down and put them away with the cards we receive. I keep those handy so when a slide-show is needed for a graduation, wedding, funeral, etc., there are pictures to utilize.

  • Olive Wagar says:

    Good ideas, Lynette! You might try taking the collage to a print shop like FedEx or Staples where they can make copies of larger items.

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