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A few days ago I treated myself to a deluxe car wash! Who doesn’t love that clean car smell and sparkling clear windows? I use my car every day. I want it to be a clean and refreshing place. How is it possible to keep your car in spit-spot shape, you ask? Below I’ve listed 6 steps to making it a consistent reality for you!

  • REMOVE ALL ITEMS FROM THE CAR. Empty out the glove compartment, seat pockets, door pockets, area under the seats, any other storage area, and trunk. Quickly put items in a large laundry basket. If an item is clearly trash, go ahead and put it right into a trash bag.
  • SORT INTO SIMILAR PILES. Put a vinyl tablecloth down and sort by usage. You might have piles for personal care, emergency items, travel aids, snacks, children’s items and shopping. Eliminate the duplicate items. Choose the best items for the space you have available in the car. Only keep what you really use (ie, probably not the 32 taco sauce packets you’ve been saving in your glove compartment).
  • TAKE YOUR CAR TO THE CAR WASH. Do this while your car is empty. Cleaning will go much faster when you don’t have to navigate around any junk. It doesn’t matter whether it is DIY or deluxe, just make sure it is clean on the outside & vacuumed on the inside.
  • SELECT APPROPRIATE CONTAINERS. Choose containers that fit your car. Let these containers determine the limit for how much you keep in the car. For example, select a container that will hold all your emergency items in one place in the trunk. Other storage containers could be nylon pouches, ziplock bags, or plastic bins.
  • PLACE ITEMS IN THEIR NEW DESIGNATED HOMES. Try to keep similar usage items together and closest to the spot they are used. Always return reusable shopping bags to their special place so they will be readily available for future use!
  • ENJOY! Having a clean, functional vehicle is such a simply luxury that you can enjoy every day. And it makes you feel rather special, too! Create simple routines to keep your car looking great. Use just one notepad to list all your errands. Use one bag for all your library items. Daily remove trash & food containers as you leave the car. Weekly fill up with gas on the same day so that you don’t forget and find yourself with an empty tank. Monthly treat yourself to a car wash!

BONUS TIP: Keep an unsharpened pencil with a good eraser in your driver side door. Use it to easily reach the buttons on the bank ATM machine.

Today’s question: When was the last time you washed your car?

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