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When was the last time you enjoyed an hour of conversation and encouragement with girlfriends? Take advantage of the opportunity to gather with other women at the next Organized by Olive Book Club! Treat yourself to the refreshment of laughter and encouragement as we discuss the simple wisdom of making decisions that eliminate clutter and create space for what we truly love in our homes.

Maybe you have never attended a book club discussion? No worries! The conversation flows rather easily and no one gets graded on their answers. It is an informal and friendly setting that allows everyone to ask questions and share perspectives. You will leave with fresh ideas and motivation.

You will enjoy the creative and simple organizing and decorating ideas from the popular “Inspired Room” blog writer Melissa Michaels. Her practical advice and encouraging words will inspire you to efficiently organize your home and simplify your life. Her kind approach comes across like the words of a trusted friend. No guilt. No shame. No judgment. Just a fresh perspective that invites you to open the door to a home you love. She sets the tone for the book with this opening statement:

“Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe haven in this crazy world. It should be inspired by what you love, the memories you’ve made, and the people you cherish.”

She knows firsthand how the chaos of clutter drains our energy and steals our joy. She shares simple strategies for making decisions that break the crazy cycle of clutter. Somewhere along the way, we must see that the consequences of all our decisions either bring order or disorder into our homes.

Each chapter introduces positive decisions that will refresh your home and life. She includes inspirational quotes, personal stories and practical solutions that clearly illustrate how change is possible. She allows her readers to set their own pace. Sprinkled throughout are “Do It Now” calls to action that complement each chapter. She includes multiple lists of tips for achieving positive results. Each chapter concludes with time to pause, reflect, and act.

Even the chapter titles could be considered actions steps!

Get on the Mission

Live Beautifully

Choose Simplicity

Hardwire Habits

Evict Excuses

Be Focused

Create Order

Offer Grace

Enjoy Luxury

Unpack Your Story

Melissa Michaels has a special way to offering grace and encouragement to her readers. No surprise that she has thousands of online followers. Take advantage of this opportunity to be included in her circle of friends! Discover simple ways to make room for what you love. Plan now to attend—and bring along a friend!


Click here for a downloadable pdf of the discussion questions!

P.S. Please RSVP with subject line “March Book Club” at  olive@organizedbyolive.com.



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