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BUY LOCAL, BUY USED, BUY LESS (A New Way to Set Limits)

By July 25, 2016 4 Comments

Limits are good things.  

Speed limits keep us from driving too fast.  

Calorie limits keep us from eating too much.

Budget limits keep us from spending too much.


Let’s consider together 3 buying limits.



Take the time to discover your own local businesses. There is a delightful assortment of small businesses downtown and throughout the town where I live. I always try to check these places first when I need to buy a particular item.  It often is a much less stressful environment, too.  I don’t always need an endless assortment of choices and I often prefer a smaller selection. So shop in your hometown first. It usually saves time, energy, and money in the long run.



Plant this thought in your mind: it doesn’t always need to be new! Challenge yourself to recycle, repurpose, and reuse. Exercise your creative muscles! It can be enjoyable to bring new life to something old just with a few special touches. I recently read about spray painting old tires to use as flower planters. I think I would have fun doing that!

There is a Habitat for Humanity Restore here in my town. They have an amazing selection of used home improvement supplies—you just never know what gem you will find!  And they always appreciate your donations to help support their wonderful ministry. You can also discover great used items at garage sales, but you must use a measure of caution! I find it easier to later donate items that I purchased used.



Too often we simply buy more than we need or use. And all those unnecessary items take up valuable space in our homes. Always, absolutely always, shop with a list! Check your cupboard, closets, and drawers before you leave your home. Get in the habit of storing similar items together near the area where they are most often used. Get in the habit of putting things away when you are finished.  Completely use up those last portions in bottles and bags. Rotate the items in your pantry so that the newer items are in the back. Only stock your pantry with items that you actually like and use! Just recently I found a set of sheets in a drawer I rarely use. They were the perfect size and color. I was thrilled to use what I already had on hand! I also found 4 frames in the exact size I wanted and a few gift items in my gift box, thus eliminating the need to buy these items.


Don’t shy away from limits! They just may help you step into an organized life!

Which limit is most helpful to you? Please leave your comment below.


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