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Have you discovered the freedom of enough?

There is something completely crazy about how we usually do the holidays. We give in to the pressure to do more, to spend more, and to be in more places than is reasonable. We end up being frazzled, irritable, and exhausted. That doesn’t sound like the best way to celebrate anything.



And when you celebrate a simple life, you give yourself permission to celebrate a simple holiday. You can decide what is enough. It doesn’t have to be like last year or what you see in any magazine. It doesn’t even have to match what is your favorite childhood memory. You have the opportunity to celebrate the 2017 holiday season in a unique and simple way—your simple way with no apologies.

I decided at the beginning of December to keep a running list of the simple ways that I will celebrate this holiday season. I knew there would be no big trips or fancy events. I decided ahead of time that I would just enjoy a bounty of simple pleasures. It makes me smile when I look over the little sticky notes on my office door so far:

    • Donating a few toys for Toys for Tots
    • Volunteering at a community children’s event
    • Giving a generous holiday tip to a hairstylist
    • Listening to my holiday music CDs
    • Giving a holiday speech at Toastmasters
    • Attending a local holiday concert
    • Visiting shut-ins & singing holiday songs
    • Making a donation to a favorite charity
    • Putting out my snowman decorations
    • Decorating my little tree with pearl strands, tiny bulbs, poinsettias, & family photos
    • Attending a holiday ice skating show
    • Adding holiday flowers to my parents’ graves
    • Enjoying a holiday open house with friends
    • Smiling at the first snowfall of the season
    • Reading a children’s holiday book
    • Eating holiday cookies
    • Mailing just a few holiday gifts
    • Reading an historical fiction holiday book
    • Reading a holiday magazine
    • Watching one super sweet holiday movie
    • Buying Mint M & M’s
    • Making a batch of Holiday Trail Mix
    • Sending out holiday cards
    • Baking just one batch of holiday anise cookies
    • Reading The Gift of the Magi
    • Watching White Christmas
    • Watching It’s A Wonderful Life
    • Remembering & sharing the gift of God’s grace & mercy


This holiday season, seek out a simple celebration!

Share your simple experiences in the comments below.


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  • Aunt Shug says:

    Great tips Olive hope you got to do alot of them. Merry Christmas.

  • Mary Brown says:

    These are great ideas , Olive

  • Freda Koeller says:

    One of my simple pleasures in the past was to take a walk after dark ( with a full moon ) around our orchard and down the long lane after a 3 to 5 inch snowfall. Quiet and peaceful.

  • Olive says:

    That sounds wonderful, Freda!! Cold, but very refreshing!!

  • Olive says:

    Thanks, Aunt Shug! Hope you have your own special times, too. I also enjoyed a delightful Christmas Eve with friends! We had a simple dinner here at my house & then had lots of fun playing Uno. There was just a touch of snow that night to make it look pretty.

  • Olive says:

    Isn’t it amazing how satisfying simple pleasures can be, Mary!! I have enjoyed many evenings of relaxing by the light of my Christmas tree with a lovely candle burning nearby and soft music in the background as I read a book or magazine. It certainly adds a touch of peacefulness to my heart.

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