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We live in a very competitive culture. We are surrounded by people who will do anything to be the best, to be the one on the top of the victory stand, to get the blue ribbon or the gold medal. Sometimes it seems that the message is that if you don’t finish on top, you really haven’t accomplished anything worthwhile.

I am here to encourage you to celebrate every personal victory along the way to your personal goal. It really doesn’t matter about how your progress matches up to anyone else. When you are in the arena, “daring greatly” as Teddy Roosevelt would say, you are one step closer to your personal victory. And that is reason enough to celebrate.



When we give ourselves permission to be less than perfect, we take a big load off of our shoulders and an even bigger load of stress out of our lives.  It enables us to see that the mistakes we make can still be stepping stones to personal success. And you get to define your definition of success.


I happen to like a colorful checkmark or cheerful happy face to acknowledge a job well done. I also like to celebrate with a delicious treat. Sitting down with a cup of tea to savor the memory of a tiny victory works too.


After an introduction at a recent speaking engagement, the host said, “Let’s welcome Olive with some applause!” And to my surprise, I said, “Yes, everyone likes a bit of applause—it makes everyone smile!” as I applauded for the attendees in the audience.


A distinctive part of every Toastmaster meeting is enthusiastically applauding every member for their contributions to the meeting. The applause acknowledges a willingness to be more than a spectator.  It helps to cultivate an awareness of small steps of achievement.  Celebrating those tiny victories creates momentum for taking another small step.


So figure out your own way to celebrate your personal accomplishments.

Savor the victory with joy and excitement.

Then, take one more step each day toward your goal.



Organized by Olive welcomes the opportunity to help you along the way to your personal victory over clutter. I offer a free 30 minute on-site consultation before beginning any residential organizing session. Contact me by at olive@organizedbyolive.com with your areas of concern and personal goals. Together we can celebrate the less cluttered side of life!


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  • This was a wonderful motivational message for me as I enter into what I hope will be my Best Year Ever! All the best to you in 2018.

  • Olive says:

    So glad it touched your heart, Janet! Celebrating all along the way keeps me inspired and motivated to take just one more step. I appreciate the way you encourage professional organizers!! Let’s help each other have a fantastic 2018.

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