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No one wants to be a slave. And yet we passively let clutter control and overtake our lives. We act as if there is nothing we can do to reduce the amount of stuff in our homes. We seem to feel obligated to take care of stuff we don’t use, don’t want, and don’t even like.

In the book Kick the Clutter, Ellen Phillips describes different types of clutter people:

  • the collector
  • the inheritor
  • the compulsive shopper
  • the scout
  • the hostess


In the book Clutter’s Last Stand, Don Aslett humorously reminds us of the “usual suspects”:

  • antique clutter
  • book clutter
  • clothing clutter
  • dishes clutter
  • electronic clutter
  • emotional clutter
  • fitness clutter
  • fix-it-someday clutter
  • furniture clutter
  • garage clutter
  • gift clutter
  • grown-up-kids clutter
  • hobby clutter
  • holiday decoration clutter
  • junk mail clutter
  • little kids clutter
  • magazine clutter
  • mental clutter
  • newspaper clutter
  • outdoor clutter
  • paper clutter
  • pet clutter
  • plastic container clutter
  • sports equipment clutter
  • toy clutter

And why do we keep all this clutter? The folks at Sparefoot.com can tell us the top reasons:

It’s time to celebrate freedom from clutter!

Perhaps we simply need to plant new thoughts in our minds. Here are a few to think about:







Contact Olive at  olive@organizedbyolive.com or 937-216-2952 if you are ready to celebrate freedom from clutter! Take advantage of the “Ticket to Freedom” special only available in July! 


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