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I have enjoyed sending cards, not only at the holidays, but all year long, for over 40 years. I consider sending cards an opportunity to show kindness and compassion. There is something special about reading a handwritten personal message inside a card. It connects with your heart and uplifts your spirit.

Whenever you discover a personally addressed card in your mailbox, you smile! You know that someone took time out of their busy day to think of you. Especially amid the overload of emails and the stacks of junk mail, personal cards are quite simply a delightful treat.

And so I wholeheartedly cast my vote for the tradition of sending holiday cards. I don’t think it is necessary to keep lists of who sent you a card last year or even a list of the people you are “supposed” to include on your mailing list. That turns this tradition into a burdensome obligation.

Instead, I welcome the opportunity each year to think of people whom I can bless with a personal message of appreciation, encouragement, and compassion. What simple words of kindness can I share that will linger in their hearts? What people in your world need a message like that? I offer these handwritten words as a special gift. Maybe I will send just a few or maybe ten or maybe more. It may be different each year. No apologies necessary. Whatever I send will include a personal message.

Sending cards is about taking time to think of the needs of others. We tend to hurry through our days keeping quite busy with our own list of errands, obligations, and tasks. We focus on screens way too many hours of our days. And we miss seeing the opportunities to bless others.

Sending cards can be such a meaningful tradition. I like to clear the table, fix a cup of tea, and have some holiday treats nearby. Usually holiday music is playing in the background. The tree is twinkling with decorations and lights. I retreat from the chaos of the world and dedicate some time for others.

It really isn’t expensive to send cards. You can buy cards at the dollar store or make your cards with your children. And a forever stamp is still a good deal as it delivers your card anywhere in the USA! A booklet of stamps costs less than a couple of cups of gourmet coffee or a pizza.

We tend to underestimate how much people need to be noticed and remembered. Many people rarely or never receive cards with personal messages. That’s why receiving one is such a delightful surprise.

Trust me, I’ve been sending cards for over 40 years. Your card with a personal message will be remembered and cherished much longer than any social media post.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to deliver a talk at TEDx-Dayton. The topic I chose was “Kindness You Can Hold in Your Hand.” I’m excited to announce that the video of that talk will be released later this week! Check my Facebook page for the link. I hope you will watch the video, share the video, and take the time to send some kindness this holiday season!

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