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By February 25, 2016 4 Comments

How much time would you save if you could easily find what you want to wear every morning? How much time would you save if you could easily put away your clean clothes? How much stress would you eliminate if you knew that anything you pulled out of your closet was ready to wear and looked great?

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to accumulate clothes? Here is the surprising reality—even pretty things can be clutter whenever you have more than you need. Over the past few months, I made a deliberate decision to reduce the amount of clothes in my very average size closet. I donated much to a benefit garage sale and the rest to Goodwill. It has been a pleasant experience!

I have discovered that it is easier and faster to get dressed when you have less available choices! And it naturally follows that there will be less laundry to wash, fold, hang up, and put away. All because there are less decisions to make.

I don’t think there is any magic number regarding how many items of clothing you decide to keep. However, I do think there is great value in setting limits per category of clothing that match your particular needs. I might decide to keep 5 pair of jeans, but only 3 pair of dress pants. I could decide to keep 4 skirts, but only 1 dress. Perhaps you would want 7 sweaters, as well as 2 sweatshirts. I like having 2 pair of long sleeve/long pants pajamas and 2 pair of short sleeve/capri pajamas.



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I think just introducing the idea of any kind of limit is better than seeing how many clothes you can stuff into your closets and drawers. Accept the limits of your available space. Choose the best and donate the rest! So why not do yourself a favor—rescue yourself from closet chaos with these easy steps!


C—Clothes should be on your body, on a hanger, in a drawer, or in the hamper!

L—Limit the amount of each type of clothing!

O—Over-the-door shoe organizers are great for shoes, as well as accessories and scarves!

S—Sell name brand clothing in excellent condition at consignment shops or online consignment sites!

E—Eliminate the closet doors for super easy access!

T—Try out inexpensive plastic stacking drawers!


R—Reflect your current season of life! (For example – don’t keep 10 pairs of dress pants if you currently don’t have much reason to dress up!)

E—Eliminate any clothing associated with bad or unhappy memories!

S—Switch the direction of the closet rods to create more hanging space!

C—Choose each night the outfit you plan to wear the next day!

U—Use under-the-bed space to store off-season clothing in clear covered containers!

E—Expect to donate and always keep a bag, bin, or box handy and ready to fill!


1—One kind or one color of hangers looks great!

0—Zero tolerance for closet clutter and unflattering clothing!

1—One closet for all your clothes!

Take time to really look at and try on the clothes in your closet. I would almost guarantee that you have more than you actually wear regularly. There are plenty of community groups that would welcome your generous donations. Do them a favor and do yourself a favor at the same time. Then think of some special way to enjoy that extra time in your day!

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  • Nancy Kern says:

    What about dressmaker shirts and dressy tops and long sleeve and short sleeve t shirts. Do you have suggestions there? I read most of your emails and I’m trying not to buy what I already have. And how about winter coats? Thanks.

  • Olive says:

    Good questions, Nancy! Think about your particular needs–how many of these different kinds of clothes would you actually wear in a 2 week period? Do you know exactly what pants or skirts you wear with these items? Or do you just generally like them & think they are pretty but never pull them out & wear them? I don’t wear many t-shirts, so I only have a few. But I love the 3/4 sleeve shirts and have several! My favorite is a crisply ironed button down collar 3/4 sleeve shirt with a great pair of jeans! As for winter coats, I have a warm & cozy longer coat with hood and a shorter less bulky coat. That works for me. I like having less choices!!

  • I used to love shopping at thrift stores, because I could bring home a ton of stuff cheaply and have lots of variety in my wardrobe. Now I’d rather spend more on a few items that I really like and wear them more frequently.

  • Olive says:

    Yes, Janet, you are exactly right! It makes it so much easier to get dressed. I have also realized that I can pack for a trip much faster, too. I still enjoy visiting a thrift store, but I go less often and I look for specific items. Limits are good!

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