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Lately it seems that almost every home or decorating magazine features rooms that utilize cubical shelving. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and configurations to fit a variety of needs. They are readily available at affordable prices at stores like Dollar General, Lowes, or Ikea.

My favorite feature of cubical shelving is that it creates a sense of order just by the cubical design. Each section establishes a visible limit for the items stored there. The use of cloth bins or baskets designed to fit these shelves further enhances the use and appeal of the space.

The smaller-sized cubical units can easily be used for shoes, tools, or craft supplies. The three section units can function as a nightstand or end table. The nine section units are more than adequate for DVDs, CDs, video games, and equipment. They also work well for organizing books. It is not necessary to completely fill each section. Be creative with your display of favorite memorabilia. And lastly, they are absolutely perfect for children’s toys – or at least my granddaughter thinks so. 🙂

Brie and Olive

One of my clients has this to say about her newly installed cubical shelves:

“Whenever I had seen cubical shelving in the past, I liked them but didn’t think they would make any more of a difference than the normal shelves we were already using. I was wrong! I LOVE our cubical shelves; they make the entire room instantly look more streamlined, tidy, and fresh. We have all kinds of things in our shelves: books, DVDs, board games, toys, and more, but because of the way the shelves are designed to separate each item in its own cube, the overall picture doesn’t look chaotic or confusing. I’m so glad that Organized by Olive suggested cubical shelves in our home! It’s made a huge difference, for the better.”   

Do any of you have cubical shelving in your home?

If so, what do you love about them?

How have they helped you stay more organized?


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