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What does it mean to decide? According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, it means:

  • to make a final choice
  • to select as a course of action
  • to bring to a definitive end
  • to induce to come to a choice

My favorite of these options is “to bring to a definitive end”! Why? Because it means that you have taken some action that finally brings closure to a specific situation.  For example, when you decide to finish the laundry, you fold the clothes, hang up the clothes, and completely put them away in the drawers or closets. You have finished the necessary actions. You don’t need to go back later and “do one more thing.” This frees up your mind for more creativity in areas of your life that you actually care about and enjoy!

Deciding also means that you are done thinking and you are ready for action. Sometimes we really over-think what needs to be done. We imagine that a particular task will require more time or energy than we want to give. We speculate whether we have the right tools or containers. We invent reasons why the timing just is not right. In short, we procrastinate, we postpone, we delay; and the results are seen in the piles of unopened mail, unread magazines, unfolded clothes, unwashed dishes, unemptied trash cans, unfinished projects, and unused gadgets.

Deciding to decide can be a powerful tool. What decisions can make your life more organized?

  • Decide to get up at a designated time.
  • Decide to make your bed every day.
  • Decide to get completely dressed and ready as a priority each morning.
  • Decide to arrive at work or your appointments at least 5 minutes early.
  • Decide to sort your mail every day.
  • Decide to pay each bill a few days early.
  • Decide to put your car keys in one special place every day.
  • Decide to read the magazines or cancel the subscription.
  • Decide to focus on one household task for 15 minutes every day.
  • Decide to visit social media sites for a designated amount of time.
  • Decide to watch TV for a designated amount of time…or not at all!
  • Decide to put things away when you are finished using them.
  • Decide to file, not pile.
  • Decide to use the floor for feet and furniture only!
  • Decide to do a quick 15 minute pick up every evening.
  • Decide to completely clean up the kitchen & sink after dinner every evening.
  • Decide to go to bed at a designated time.
  • Decide to be truly thankful for the blessings in your life.

Decide. Organize. Enjoy.

The benefits all start with a single decision.

What decisions will you make in 2015?



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