Daily decisions make a difference! That may seem like an incredibly simple statement, but we live out the reality every single day. Most consequences do not just randomly show up in our lives.

I can decide to do one load of laundry today…or deal with piles of dirty clothes.

I can decide to pick up and put away today…or waste time looking for lost items.

I can decide to sort my mail today…or pay a late fee due to an unopened bill.

I can decide to get rid of unused junk in my garage today…or park out in the cold weather.

I can decide to delete extra photos today…or take hours finding the one I really want.

I can decide to clean up my kitchen today…or wake up to a mess in the morning.


Decisions help us get past the not-so-great “I don’t feel like doing that right now” strategy.
– Olive Wagar


I don’t always feel like doing laundry—but I love wearing clean clothes!

I don’t always feel like putting things away—but I love finding the tape when I need it.

I don’t always feel like sorting my mail—but I love knowing I paid my bills on time.

I don’t always feel like collecting unused items in my garage—but I love parking there.

I don’t always feel like deleting photos—but I love seeing just the best ones.

I don’t always feel like cleaning up the kitchen—but I love starting the day with a clean one.


Decide to love yourself.

Decide to take care of yourself.

Decide to eat real food, drink fresh water, and get a good night of sleep.

Decide to move, walk, and exercise in some way every day.


Decide to love others.

Decide to share items you no longer use.

Decide to share items you no longer need.

Decide to share items you no longer want.


Decide to donate.

Decide to donate your time to listen to a friend or family members.

Decide to donate your energy to help with a community group.

Decide to donate your blood at a local blood drive.


Decide that 2018 will be one fantastic year—one daily decision at a time!


Organized by Olive welcomes the opportunity to make that happen.

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This blog post first appeared on www.organizedbyolive.com on February 14, 2018.


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  • Mev says:

    You are so wise! Thank you for not keeping that wisdom to yourself.

  • Olive says:

    You are so kind, Mev! There are so many little daily decisions that make a big difference. Everyone gets to choose the ones that help them achieve their own goals. Seems like magic, but really just a consistent effort every day!

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