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Discover New Limits

By August 15, 2017 6 Comments



Limits are a good thing!

Shopping with cash limits your purchases.

Ordering one scoop limits your calories.

Scheduling events limits your activities.


We deceive ourselves when we think we can have it all and do it all everyday all year long. That’s how we end up overwhelmed and exhausted. Not exactly a fun way to live.


We tend to default to thinking about how much we can pack into every moment of the day. We think about how fast we can go and how much we can check off the list. We endure so many activities—all in the name of being busy. Not exactly the best use of our time.


It is such a refreshing change of pace to allow yourself to have limits in your life.


Limits give you permission to say,

“That will be enough, thank you.”  – Olive Wagar


When you discover new limits, you don’t keep accumulating more stuff.

When you discover new limits, you don’t keep adding in more activities.


When you pass a garage sale, you say, “I have enough.”

When you look at a sale flyer, you say, “I have enough.”

When you look at an event calendar, you say, “I will choose the best activity.”


You give yourself permission:

  • To set a limit for email time
  • To set a limit for social medial time
  • To set a limit for entertainment time
  • To set a limit for shopping time
  • To set a limit for cleaning time
  • To set a limit for working time


Using a timer during the day can really make a difference. We tend to get easily distracted and lose track of time, which results in spending more time than we estimated. Repeat that several times each day and you will be wondering where the day went and what did you accomplish.

You can use the timer on your phone, a simple kitchen timer, or the fabulous product called Time-Timer


Why do less? So you can enjoy more! Or as Rachel Jonat says in the title of her simple little bookdo less: finally live an intentional, meaningful life. You get to set the limits. You get to decide what is most meaningful to you. (Click here to read more about this wonderful resource.) 


So today I have choices to make. I don’t have to passively let the world set the pace of my life. I have limits to discover. Those limits can bring happiness and contentment.


What will you do less of today?


Olive Wagar

Author Olive Wagar

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  • Nancy Collins says:

    Well said, but so difficult to do!

  • Ruth Scott says:

    This is so true! I have so enjoyed this summer by using some limits on various tasks: outdoor work, sorting through stuff inside, home improving, leisure time and bedtime. I feel like I have accomplished more goals and enjoyed the process more. I have more time for those I love. Thank you!!

  • Olive Wagar says:

    I’m glad to hear you had a great summer, Ruth! It’s great when we can dedicate time to certain activities and then feel free to walk away from them. I like that you realized that you accomplished more and enjoyed the process more by establishing boundaries and limits in your day.

  • I found this really inspiring! I think I get more done if I put fewer tasks on my list. If there’s more on there than I can realistically accomplish, I feel overwhelmed and waste a lot of time and energy trying to decide where to start. If there are just a few, I’m apt to finish them all and wonder “What’s next?”

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