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By August 9, 2017 2 Comments

A new school year is about to start. Children eagerly collect new supplies. Even adults (like me) enjoy a new box of markers or crayons and a nifty new note pad!  But new adventures and opportunities are not restricted to schools and classrooms.

Any season of your life can be an opportunity to discover new ways. You don’t need to ask permission or be promoted to learn something new. You simply need to listen to the desires of your heart.

Have you ever heard (or said) these laments:

“I suppose my kitchen will always be a mess—it’s just always been this way.”

“I will never get caught up with laundry—it’s just how we live.”

“I wish my bedroom looked better—but it probably won’t ever happen.”

“I sure would be nice to park in the garage—but we just have too much stuff.”

“Who has time to really organize their life?”


If we keep doing the same old actions, we will keep getting the same old results!

It takes a measure of humility to admit that maybe the old ways aren’t working out so well.

It takes a dose of honesty to say that you really want to make some changes.

It takes a moment of courage to open a new door!


Some old ways that clutter up our lives include:

  • Picking up all the freebies
  • Shopping for entertainment
  • Keeping things we don’t use, like, or want
  • Stuffing every closet and drawer
  • Covering the floor and counters with piles
  • Neglecting to put things away


Some new ways that enrich our lives include:

  • Making decisions
  • Setting limits
  • Donating generously
  • Living simply


What new way will you embrace today?


Contact Olive if your new way needs a boost of encouragement and professional expertise! 

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