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When you don’t know your WHY, you don’t get much accomplished.

It’s the reason behind:

  • Unfinished projects
  • Unsorted boxes
  • Unwashed dishes
  • Overflowing closets
  • Stuffed drawers
  • Piles of stuff

You can’t just WANT things to be organized!


You can have all the supplies, fancy gadgets, and pretty containers,

but if you don’t know WHY you are taking the time to sort and donate and declutter,

you will never carry through and finish the task.


It simply takes too much time and energy—and most of us are rather exhausted with the typical activities of daily life, not to mention the care and maintenance required for all our stuff.

But when you can articulate WHY …. then the game changes!


Your WHY is unique to YOU! – Olive Wagar


Organizing always starts with some thinking time. No need to attend a weekend retreat at a fancy resort. Simply pour a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of water or lemonade, grab a pad of paper and a pen, and sit down for 15 minutes. Close your eyes. Ask these questions:

  • Why do I want to organize a particular area of my home?  
  • What benefit will I realize if I do?
  • What actions will make this happen?
  • When will I get started?
  • What is my deadline to finish?


Write down your answers. One page per area works great. Check in as you work. Write down what you eliminated from the area. Check off your progress. Focus and finish!


It’s amazing how finishing a project will motivate you to start and finish another one. Too often we jump around, doing a little in the kitchen, then in the family room, back to the laundry room, and then out to the garage. At the end of the day, it doesn’t look like we have done anything. But when you focus on one area, remembering your why, you have a much better chance of actually finishing. And seeing real progress!



What is your WHY?


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