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DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE PAPER MONSTER: How To Put Paper In Its Proper Place

By October 22, 2015 2 Comments

Maybe you have noticed that we do not live in a paperless society! Step into almost any home and you will quickly see all kinds of paper piles—junk mail, bills, receipts, survey requests, flyers, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, coupons, school papers, sports schedules, travel brochures, recipes, take-out menus, and old cards, just to name a few! I wonder how much time we waste moving it around?

“All paper clutter is postponed decisions,” says Barbara Hemphill in her classic book Taming the Paper Tiger. The only way we will ever manage the paper  in our homes is to make decisions. That is the key that tames the paper monster (or the paper tiger)!

What prevents us from making decisions? FEAR! We are afraid we might throw away the wrong thing, so we keep it all. We are afraid we might need it someday, so we keep it just in case. We are afraid we will forget where we filed something, so we leave it all out. There really is a better way. Let’s eliminate that fear with these simple strategies that put paper in its proper place.

  1. Remember that 80% of the paper we keep is never looked at again!
  2. Sort your mail every day.
  3. Immediately recycle junk mail and shred mail with personal information.
  4. Immediately place bills in a designated “to pay” file or basket.
  5. Utilize all opt-out services, such as:
    Paper Karma phone app
  6. Avoid signing up for contests and sweepstakes.
  7. Quit saving recipes and coupons that you really do not use.
  8. Cancel unread newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  9. Take advantage of newspapers and magazines at your local library.
  10. Create simple files with logical labels that are easy to find and put away.

Marla Cilley reminds us of 3 choices for all paper:


Let’s show that paper monster that he is not welcome in our homes once and for all. Have confidence knowing that every day you can put paper in its proper place.


What paper makes the biggest pile in your home?

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