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I am proud to be one of the 28 million small business owners celebrating Small Business Week! Without a doubt, small businesses play a vital role in the US economy. A small business owner is just an ordinary person who is willing to give extraordinary attention to following a dream and making a difference. It takes faith and courage and hard work.

Last year, I wrote about how my dream started. This year, I am excited to share how my dream continues to grow. It is a true delight to offer my clients compassionate and confidential service that empowers them to break the chains of clutter and live the life of their dreams.

I offer thanks to those who have helped me along the way!

Thank You, SCORE!


I was first introduced to SCORE workshops at my local library. SCORE is non-profit group of retired business counselors, advisors, and mentors who share their wisdom and expertise.  They volunteer countless hours to encourage, educate and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. My SCORE counselor, John Soutar, meets with me monthly to review goals and strategies. I especially appreciate his vote of confidence for encouraging me to investigate the possibility of establishing a local Toastmasters International club. I am pleased to announce that we celebrated “Miami County Toastmaster Day” just a few weeks ago! SCORE also offers free educational online webinars that address every area of business. Check out their website at www.score.org.


Thank You, NAPO and NAPO-Ohio!

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I have been a member of NAPO and NAPO-Ohio for over 2 years. I currently serve as Secretary for NAPO-Ohio. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) leads and advances the organizing and productivity industry as The Organizing Authority®.  NAPO has approximately 4,000 members worldwide. NAPO serves its members and the public by providing exceptional educational opportunities, advancing industry research, and increasing public awareness. NAPO members abide by a Code of Ethics that guides our professional conduct with clients, colleagues, and the community. I plan to attend the national conference in Atlanta in May!


I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you at over 60 presentations in a wide variety of locations. I have been invited to local libraries, community centers, senior centers, class rooms, ladies groups, and even to a conference in Tennessee. I have appreciated your comments as you took the time to read over 67 blogs and 16 newsletters. Often I am asked why the newsletter is named “Spoonful of Sugar.” It was my daughter Lisa’s idea. She said, “For some people, organizing is like taking medicine. Maybe your encouraging words can be like a “spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down!”


I am especially thankful for those of you who have invited me into your homes. I am honored that you trusted me to work beside you and to help you achieve your goals. Know that I prayerfully consider how I can best serve each client. I wholeheartedly devote my attention to your needs. I rejoice with you when together we see the difference that results from making decisions and accepting simple organizing strategies.




Thank you for deciding to walk this journey with me!




Take the time this week to visit your local small businesses!


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