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By March 2, 2016 6 Comments

In a few days, I will be traveling with several dear friends to attend the “Women of Hope” conference in Murfreesboro, TN. It will be a delightful time of fellowship, singing, praying, learning, and laughter. It will refresh my mind, heart, and spirit.


That’s what hope does. It helps you see beyond today. It helps you see past your problems. It enables you to envision a new possibility. We all need hope!

Often when I speak to community groups, I conclude my message by reading a blog from 2015 called “The Power of One.” I like the simple reminder that one decision can make a difference. One action can lead to another. The power of one is really the power of hope.

Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the land of “it’s always been this way.” You can decide that small actions can change your home and your life. Actually even change you.

I have a daily calendar with a variety of verses that follow the theme “Seize the Day”.

A recent one said this:

“Try something new.

Go after the crazy dream.

Be the person you always wanted to be.”

Can you see the hope that is the foundation for those goals? Can you see the possibilities for your own life? Can you hear the optimism?

Maybe your house never seems to be neat, clean, tidy, or organized. Rather than lament, complain, or make excuses, just start today and do one thing that will change that scenario. Hang up one coat. Empty one trash can. Clean one bathroom sink. Put away that Christmas wreath that is still on the front door!

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You can try a new way of taking care of your house. You can try a new way of caring for yourself. You can create a new reality for your life.

I am starting a new season of my life—I’m now in the Golden Buckeye category! And I plan to celebrate being sixty all year long. I hope to grow older with grace and courage.

And I might throw in a little excitement as well!

As I live out this crazy dream to be a professional organizer, I hope to offer you hope and encouragement along the way. Please join me in the journey!


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