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By July 13, 2015 4 Comments

Unfinished tasks drain our mental energy. We also waste a lot of paper rewriting our “to-do” lists as we continually carry forward these unfinished items. It is easy to feel very inefficient when you see so many neglected projects or tasks. It really is quite annoying!

I introduced the “FINISH IT FRIDAY” idea back in February. The basic idea is this: it might help to schedule a specific time every Friday to finally finish at least one task. I like doing this on Friday because then it is easier to enjoy the weekend! Some tasks make take only 5 or 10 minutes, while others may take an hour. You might even decide that you will never actually do a certain project or activity and eliminate it completely from all future lists! That is perfectly okay. At any rate, you will be doing yourself a favor by accomplishing the task and bring it to full completion.

What makes the most sense to finish up during the summer?

  1. Purge, sort, and donate clothes and shoes; enjoy doing less laundry!
  2. Purge, sort, and file school papers in a notebook; keep only the best from each year!
  3. Purge, sort, and donate all extra sports equipment.
  4. Donate books your children have outgrown or no longer read, CDs you won’t listen to again, and DVDs you won’t watch again to your local library.
  5. Refresh your writing skills and send a real letter in the mail to a dear friend!
  6. Finally send those thank you notes, no matter how late!
  7. Finish ironing all the shirts and pants and then put the ironing board away!
  8. Read through your stack of magazines and then take to your local hospital waiting rooms.
  9. Give the garage a good sweeping and donate all the extra garden stuff you are not using.
  10. Wash all the lawn furniture or give it a fresh coat of spray paint.

What will you finish up this Friday?


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  • Carol says:

    I like the idea Of Finish Friday. This afternoon, I will finish one pile of papers. I will take the time to make the decision to file or toss it now. I’m already enjoying the thought of having it completed and never looking at that pile again.

  • My home is pretty well-organized but, like everyone else, my life and my needs are constantly evolving, so there’s nearly always something that can be eliminated. My approach is similar to what you suggest here, just tackling one particular thing at a time. This week I cleared one of my bookcases and will be taking two bags of books to the bank today, where they will sell them in a fundraiser. There was a box of assorted cables on one of the shelves and I’m not ready to deal with them yet but am sick of looking at them. I realized they’d fit in the drawer of a spare desk that is rarely used, but I had to clear out the drawer to make room for the box, so I found four other items I can give away (two have already been picked up). It’s such a great feeling!

    • Olive Wagar says:

      Yeah for you, Janet!! I want my home to have little pockets of beauty, not little piles of neglected stuff. I’m glad you felt the relief!! And your donations helped someone else!! 🙂

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