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By February 20, 2015 One Comment

There is something really annoying about an unfinished task or project. It seems to hang out in the back of your mind pestering to get your attention. And the more you try to ignore it, the louder it gets!

It might be a craft project that you started with great gusto. Perhaps it is a letter that really needs a reply. It could be that stack of receipts that must be filed or tossed before tax time. Of course there are always magazines that beg to be read. And do you really intend to do the newspaper crossword puzzle? What about those coupon flyers?  Sometimes it is just the stacks of unwashed dishes or the piles of unfolded clothes. Or it could be the clothes waiting and waiting to be ironed or dry-cleaned. It could be the unopened bills on the living room table. Then there is the inbox flooded with unread emails. We leave bags of donations to languish in the garage.  And did I mention the boxes of unsorted photos? All unfinished and all quite annoying.

So what can we do? How can we change this scenario?

DECIDE that Friday will be FINISH IT FRIDAY!  Decide what you will eliminate from your mental or physical “to do” list. Attack just one of those unfinished tasks or projects and bring it to full completion.

ORGANIZE your schedule so that there is a designated time on Friday to read it, file it, cut it, wash it, fold it, iron it, open it, sort it, donate it, or toss it! Identify the necessary action, assign a specific time, and finish it. Then breathe a sigh of relief!

ENJOY your small victory!  Say to those nagging thoughts, “You are now dismissed. Be gone!” The clarity of mind that comes about will be well worth the few minutes you sacrificed on your Friday.

What task did you finish?


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