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FOCUS on Small Business Week

By May 5, 2017 4 Comments

I count it a privilege to celebrate Small Business Week with thousands of other small business owners across the United States this week! Their dedication inspires me to keep working on and improving Organized by Olive.


Why give up hours of leisure time?

Why attend seminars and conferences?

Why read books and blogs?

The answer is one word—FOCUS.

When you focus on one thing—your one thing—your dream—you pour your heart into all that you do. It’s not a chore or a task—it is an opportunity to share your unique contribution and to serve your special clients. Organized by Olive is my way to help overwhelmed people discover the less cluttered side of life:

  • The side of life where you easily find what you need
  • The side of life where you quickly know where to put things away
  • The side of life where you know how to pass along excess items without guilt or shame
  • The side of life where you don’t need stuff to satisfy your emotional needs
  • The side of life where you actually wear the clothes in your closet
  • The side of life where you really use the dishes in your cabinet
  • The side of life where you park your car in the garage
  • The side of life where you have room to live out your dreams
  • The side of life where you have enough 

The focus of Organized by Olive is to honor God and bless others—my clients, readers, and listeners. I certainly can’t solve every problem I see in the world. However, I welcome the opportunity to share a fresh perspective, a kind word, and a compassionate heart.

Thank you for trusting Organized by Olive with your organizing needs. It is amazing to me to look back at 2015 and 2016 and see what we have accomplished together. Thank you for giving me a reason to celebrate Small Business Week this year! Call or email Olive today and let’s get started!




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  • Happy Small Business Week to you!

    I work harder and for more hours and less money than I ever worked as an employee, but I wouldn’t go back if they begged me. It’s so much more rewarding!

  • Olive Wagar says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, Janet! It is such a pleasure to be able to serve people in person, through writing, or through speaking. I appreciate all the ways you offer education and encouragement.

  • Charlene says:

    Your May newsletter was inspiring as always, Olive. Thanks for all the ways you encourage me and so many others.

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