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“Our homes set the stage for the most

meaningful moments of our lives.”

Sarah Gray Miller

Country Living’s Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home does not need to be an expensive experience. In fact, give yourself the freedom to discover your own style in line with your own budget. There are countless creative and clever ways to reuse/recycle/and repurpose your own special treasures. Think of it as an exciting challenge!

I never liked attending home decorating parties because there was an expectation that you could only arrange specific items in one particular way. And you had to buy the entire set. And your living room would look like hundreds of other living rooms across America. Not my idea of fun!

Fast forward to today where it is quite acceptable to use unique and personal items as home décor, including:

Wood crates

Mason jars

Wooden ladders

Metal trays







Pallet wood

In her recent book,  Melissa Michaels offers these encouraging words:

“Every part of your home can be an authentic reflection of what you love, arranged in a livable, pleasing, and lovable space for your family to gather.”

Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home

Some of the suggestions she offers include:

#11—Take your cues from the seasons—use the natural bounty of each season!

#28—Shake it up with unexpected furniture—move things around!

#32—Select décor-friendly storage solutions—discover clever ways to store items!

#47—Create sentimental art—frame or display special items

My home is truly a refreshing refuge. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s home. It looks like me and my life. I display items that reflect my special memories. I treasure the items made by family members and friends. I can easily walk through my home and relive wonderful times in my mind. Here are a few of the simple decorative items that nourish my heart:

Photographs with Scriptures—made by my dear friend Rachel, my daughter’s mother-in-law

Photo collage of my mother—made by me

Favorite hymn wall hanging—made by my daughter Lisa

Address wall hanging—made by my daughter Bethany

Clipboard art gallery—for my granddaughter Briony’s artwork

Foam board prayer list


Melissa Michaels reminds us that perhaps the best choice we can make in décor is simply this:

#50—Fill your home with gratitude—be thankful for what you already have!

Imagine what your home could look like when you eliminate the meaningless clutter with meaningful choices that delight your heart. As Myquillyn Smith says,

“Once we realize that the goal is not having a perfect home, we can create a beautiful home out of freedom instead of fear.”

The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful




Claim your ticket to freedom!

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