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By July 25, 2017 8 Comments

Have you noticed how having more stuff doesn’t guarantee happiness? We have bought into the myth that we need more clothes/shoes/jewelry/books/tools/toys to be successful or to be happy. How exactly is that working out for you?

All of that excess stuff comes with a pretty big price tag in terms of taking up physical space, as well as physical and emotional energy. Let’s not forget the actual cost of all those extra items beyond our true needs.

The typical house has over 300,000 items! And it does not make for a pretty picture! We keep buying and collecting and stuffing and storing. It is all rather overwhelming.


When we stop accumulating stuff long enough to realize that we have way more than we need or want, we open the door to a surprising thought—

there is joy in having less!


Do yourself a favor and voluntarily embrace the joy of less.

Don’t lament that you have to “give up all my stuff!”

Don’t complain that one day you may live in a smaller home or apartment.

Don’t wait until an emergency health situation forces you to downsize.

Decide now to start living with less.

Practice enjoying living with less.


Do the math!

Less stuff = less to clean

Less stuff = less stress

Less stuff = more space

Less stuff = more time

Less stuff = more energy

Less stuff = more freedom


Sharing your excess items is a blessing to others and a gift to yourself.
– Olive

Recently NAPO-Ohio organizers collected excess shoes from clients as part of our GO Get Organized project for 2017.  About 228 pairs of shoes were donated to Nancy Flory of Well of Hope in Covington, Ohio. These shoes will be shipped to Kenya and sold in the marketplace. The proceeds will then benefit widows in Kenya.


Make sure to claim your Ticket to Freedom! Contact Olive to get started today!

Keep scrolling for a free printable pdf to help jumpstart your “Less Stuff = More Joy” journey!

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  • Charlene Notgrass says:

    Wonderful advice, dear friend. Loved talking with you today. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Heather Anne says:

    Do you know if Well of Hope is still taking shoes? Our son just took another growth spurt and I have a bag of size 13 mens shoes to donate.

    • Olive Wagar says:

      They will appreciate your donation, Heather! Well of Hope collects shoes all year. Donation bins in Miami County include Pleasant Hill Branch Library, PNC Bank, Sunset Cleaners, and Grace Christian Book Store. Or contact me for a pick up!

  • Windy Cline says:

    Hi Olive. Last week I returned from 12 days in Haiti. We drill clean water wells in the mountains. I’m always impressed with the way they make do with very little. They are hard-working, kind people who value their families above anything else. I’ve been downsizing for two years, due to knowing them. Yes, less can be difficult, but it also makes you resourceful. And it keeps priorities at the forefront. Thanks for all you do.

    • Olive Wagar says:

      Wendy, that must have been quite an experience!! I participated in a Walk4Water in May sponsored by Healing Hands International & our church group raised enough for a well in Haiti too. Being in another country like Haiti certainly gives you a clearer perspective. We really do spend quite a lot of time & energy, not to mention money, taking care of our stuff.

  • Shirley Card says:

    You advice is always so helpful and so well written. It is so simple to follow your advice.

  • Olive Wagar says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Shirley! I like to keep it simple. Glad to know it encourages you.

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