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How appropriate that I am a few days behind in submitting this blog!


I am not going to berate myself for missing a deadline.

I am not going to question my ability to write a meaningful message.

I am not going to give up blogging.


And I am guessing that your Wednesday went along just fine without reading an Organized by Olive blog! 😉  Sometimes we simply cannot deliver what we had intended for a variety of reasons and/or excuses. What matters most is what we choose to do next.


I could have just let this slip by, but I didn’t want to do that.

I wanted to give you an encouraging message that would sustain you in the crazy days ahead.


One of the nicest gifts you can give yourself during the holiday season is to give yourself a break.

Forget picture perfect Pinterest.

Forget fantasy land Facebook.


Sit down with a blank December calendar page by yourself or with your family.

DECIDE  the 3 most important things you will do to celebrate the holiday season.

ORGANIZE your schedule to include those events or activities.

ENJOY the holidays your way with no excuses or apologies.


Now that you know what and when you will do the 3 most important things,

you can look at what other things you might want to do by yourself or with others.

Actually write them on the calendar.

This will give you a visual reminder of what is important to you.


Do not get distracted by the Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, Lowes, Best Buy, or Amazon ads telling you how you are supposed to celebrate the holiday season. They are not personal invitations! You get to make your very own decisions. You get to decide what celebrating means to you and your family.


I find that focusing on one task or activity at a time works out great. Here is my December game plan:

  1. Volunteer at children’s holiday celebration at Hayner.
  2. Decorate my tree.
  3. Send out holiday cards.


Those are my 3 most important things to do this year. I have dates set aside for other activities and events, such as concerts, gatherings with family and friends, and church events.  Some activities require specific weather—like a relaxing walk in the snow! Others simply require that I slow down and tune out the noise of the world. My goal is that December is not a frenzy of activity, but just different enough to allow my spirit to be nourished and refreshed.

“She has done what she could…” (Mark 14:8)


How about you? What is your favorite way to celebrate? What does giving yourself a break look like for you?

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