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I recently discovered that World Kindness Week is Nov 12-18. What a delightful thought to know that people all around the world are creatively thinking of ways to show kindness! Most will never make the evening news, but the impact will be greater than the latest tragic news story. That’s because when you give back and choose kindness, you touch someone’s heart and the memory stays with them forever.

(^^That covers quite a lot of opportunities!^^)


Having a mindset of giving back is quite different from the message of our current culture, especially at this time of year. We are constantly reminded of what we should be getting, because after all, we really deserve it. Sadly that quest can never be truly satisfied.


How refreshing indeed to reorient our thinking to how we can give back.  

  • After you attend a great program, offer to volunteer the next time.
  • After you receive a card, send one to someone else.
  • After you enjoyed a treat, surprise someone else with one.


Perhaps we think we don’t have enough to offer to give back. What we give back does not need to match what we have been given. It is not intended to always be an even exchange. In fact, it really doesn’t even need to involve the same people. What giving back is all about is creating a type of chain reaction of kindness that keeps going on and on!


Think about what makes you smile—and then go do that for someone else. Expect nothing in return except the simple delight of knowing you made a difference. It will replenish your spirit in a remarkable way.


Of course, having the time and energy to give back is much more likely to happen if our lives are not full of distractions and clutter. Just yesterday I spent a few hours cleaning up my office and reorganizing several piles and projects. It freed up my mind to think of ways to give back and encourage others.


Giving back is one of those things that you never will finish. And in this case, that is a good thing! It will always be lingering in the back of your mind, looking for that special opportunity to express your appreciation through kindness.


You don’t want to be repaid.

You don’t want to be recognized.

You don’t want to be rewarded.


You want to realize that others have needs.

You want to visualize a practical solution.

You want to specialize in giving back.


If you are already tired of the 24/7 get-more noise and clamor, simply tune in to a different channel—the give-back channel. Let those thoughts calm your spirit and refresh your mind.


Then go out and give back in your own special way.

Be creative and generous and extravagant!

It will be way better than anything advertised—plus there won’t be any crowds!


Organized by Olive welcomes the opportunity to share a complimentary 30 minute special holiday program with your community group or business. It’s my way of giving back!

Contact Olive for available day or evening times.



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