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Say hello to an organized 2017 with these short and sweet organizing tasks.  Tackle these 20 tasks one day at a time. Set a timer for just 17 minutes each. Jump in and work quickly!

Use this simple routine:
1.  Clear the space.
2.  Put back the favorites–what you really need, use, and like.
3. Trash or donate the rest.

Attack these areas in any order:

1.  Silverware drawer
2.  Coffee mugs & glasses
3.  Plastic containers & cups
4.  Condiments in the refrigerator
5.  Junk drawer
6.  Dish towels and potholder drawer
7.  Bedside night stand
8.  Coffee table and end tables
9.  Magazines and newspapers
10.  Makeup basket or drawer
11.  Earrings and necklaces
12.  Bracelets and pins
13.  Scarves
14.  Socks
15.  Shoes
16.  Purses
17.  DVDs
18.  CDs
19.  Board games
20.  Car glove box

The point is to just dive in and get started! Don’t agonize over every decision. Ignore the excuses. Forget perfect. Just go get organized!

Which task was easiest for you?
Which task was hardest for you?
Leave your comment below!

Email olive@organizedbyolive.com by midnight Jan 27 to report your successful completion of all 20 areas for a chance to win a $10 gift card!

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  • Shirley says:

    junk drawer, brackets & pins.

  • Charlene Notgrass says:

    Did the socks recently and naturally I thought of you, my organized and organizing Wonderwoman example!

  • Olive Wagar says:

    Great place to start! So nice when the ones you keep fit the space you have.

  • That’s basically the way I keep my home organized, but “night stand” really jumped out at me. After reading this month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, I’m aware that I have a lot of stuff in those two drawers that I could probably get rid of – in particular, my grandmother’s jewelry box. It’s quite old and ugly, so I put it in the drawer to keep my jewelry organized without having to look at it, but it takes up most of the drawer! Can you recommend a better way to organize my jewelry – some I wear frequently, but others not so much?

  • Olive says:

    Janet, one way to organize jewelry is with tiny square plastic containers with lids from a dollar store. They are the perfect size for one necklace or set of earrings. You can even stack them if your drawer is deep enough. I have also used small decorative tins. Other times I have used different sizes of clear zip bags. I will email a few photos of my jewelry drawer!

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