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By July 19, 2016 2 Comments

I recently stopped by our local arena to watch a skating competition. I watched skaters of all ages courageously perform their own special programs. It was interesting to note the confidence displayed by each skater during the warm-up sessions. They remembered  the many hours of routine practice sessions and now they were ready to dazzle the judges and audience!

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that every single skater made mistakes—not one performance was 100% perfect.  However, every single skater continued and finished their program. Even though they made their mistakes in front of an audience, they did not give up!

Most of my life is not performed on center stage.  And most of my mistakes are not usually observed by judges. But I can certainly learn from these skaters!




Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by less than perfect results. Actually, we would do ourselves a favor to not even expect them in the first place! Most of these skaters will compete again; they won’t define their lives by their mistakes. When we hold back from even trying because we don’t think we can do something perfectly, we cheat ourselves.

Whether we are cleaning out a closet or inviting friends over for dinner, we do not need to expect perfection. Giving ourselves permission to just try can be a pleasant surprise!





Consistent actions, habits, and routines all work together to help each of us accomplish amazing things. No one accidently becomes a terrific skater! No one accidently ends up with an organized home! Take the time to learn new skills. Set simple goals. Repeat daily! Organizing is a learned skill. It may be more intuitive or easier for some, but it is learnable by most everyone.

A professional organizer will be like your personal coach, offering ideas, encouragement, and compassion along the way. And the great thing is that you determine your definition of success.





What music is playing in the background of your life? Do you start your day with a smile? Do you believe you can live an amazing life? Do you consciously seek out positive and encouraging messages? Or is your mind full of reruns of yesterday’s mistakes and failures?  Do you spend more time rethinking the past or more time anticipating the future?  Even though skater Michelle Kwan did not win the Olympic Gold Medal, she graciously skated her exhibition routine, with smiles and tears,  to the song “Fields of Gold.” The background music that is playing today will impact all your tomorrows.




It is easier to be confident and easier to smile when you have some sparkle in your life! I saw an abundance of sparkle at the skating competition. You can add a touch of sparkle to your life, too.  You may put a vase of fresh flowers on a clean & clutter-free table.  You may wear a freshly ironed shirt instead of settling for a wrinkled one. You may proudly make your bed every morning. You may refresh your front door with a coat of paint. You may set a pretty table. William Morris encouraged everyone to have beauty in their homes. It is a worthy goal!





Unfinished projects create physical clutter and unfinished tasks create mental clutter. I like to take some time every Friday and finally finish some of those projects and tasks! I call the day,

“Finish it Friday!” It is great not to have these on my weekend  “to-do” list. Here are some examples from the past several Fridays:

20160715_142434             20160715_142924

20160715_144107 20160715_143406

Spray paint a metal yard decoration

Iron 2 shirts and 3 pairs of pants

Return item for refund

Drop off donation items

Call to make a dentist appointment

Write a thank you note

Buy stamps

Actually mail 2 birthday cards

Discard expired coupons

Frame and hang chalk drawing

Fix bathroom tile with black electrical tape

Repaint metal yard flowers

(About that chalk drawing—I recently found it in a drawer of special papers my mom had kept. One of my daughters had drawn it over 13 years ago, but I actually didn’t remember it at all. It was such a sweet drawing that I immediately wanted to display it! And so I did!)

This saying was on my calendar a few weeks ago:

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now! With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.”  -Mark Victor Hensen


What will you finish today?

Organized by Olive welcomes the opportunity to help you get to the finish line!

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  • Charlene Notgrass says:

    I loved this post. Out of so many excellent posts, I think it is your very best yet!! Congratulations!!

    • Olive says:

      Thank you, Charlene! I have always enjoyed watching skaters. And I smile and cry with Michelle Kwan every time I watch that video clip. We can all celebrate the victory of finished!!

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