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Over the years, I have found handy uses for small inexpensive pocket calendars. It used to be that the only place to find them was the Hallmark store, but now they are readily available in a variety of pretty designs at the Dollar Store. The selection is plentiful in December.

Consider these handy uses:



When my children were young, I had a separate calendar for each of my children where I wrote down their weight, height, medications, shots, doctor office visits, allergic reactions, or other info about times they were sick. It was very helpful to have it at your fingertips during an office visit.



I kept one for myself too! Especially helpful for recording your specific numbers, like blood pressure, sugar levels, or weight or remembering the last time you donated blood. Also helpful if you are keeping track of another adult family member’s medical appointments and medications.



It can be an eye-opening experience to physically write down how you spend your money every day! You might even save some money because you don’t want to have a record of a foolish expense.



It makes it just a bit harder to cheat when you are writing it all down!



Have you ever just thought about sending someone a card but forgot to actually do it? Just jot down their name on the calendar after you address and stamp the envelope! Nice sense of accomplishment! You can also write down friends’ birthdays and other important events/anniversaries that you don’t want to forget to celebrate. 



You probably won’t write something for every day, but at least taking the time to write it down during the month creates a special snapshot of the year for yourself or your children.  You could even tape in just one photo. Wouldn’t that be unusual?


Make sure to pick up a few pocket calendars for 2018! You might be amazed at how handy they are in helping you organize the little details of your life.  


How do you use little pocket calendars?

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