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How To Hit a Holiday Home Run

By December 15, 2016 4 Comments

Surprise! We are already halfway through December!! Are you ready for the holiday homestretch? According to my calendar, it looks like a little over 2 weeks before celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Are you already exhausted or are you slowly savoring the treasure of each day? It really is your choice.

Each holiday season is different because each year brings a unique set of circumstances, people, and attitudes into your life. We can choose to celebrate the beauty of whatever that is.  It may be easy to do that or the hardest thing you have ever done in your life.  Again, the choice is yours.

Let’s see what it looks like to celebrate!

C – Create simple traditions! Even if you see a fancy, complicated, and expensive idea on Pinterest, you can find a way to make it simple. For the past two years, my daughter (and awesome virtual assistant) Bethany has wrapped up 25 holiday books for her children to read each night in December. This year she just put them under the tree unwrapped and let them pick one each night! Simple, easy, and fun for all.

E – Eliminate the guilt! It is not your job to make everyone’s dreams come true. It is your job to communicate love in simple ways. Don’t apologize for not buying the latest whatever. In fact, pitch the sale papers without even looking at them.

L – Let peace prevail! Sometimes it is just so nice not to have an opinion about every single thing that happens at work, at home, or in the news. Just don’t engage. Be the peaceful person in the crowd.

E – Eliminate extra furniture! Take time to clear out all the smaller tables, random chairs, and junky storage towers. Put furniture sliders under your larger pieces of furniture, like a couch or dining table. Then you can easily rearrange your living room or family room to accommodate extra folding chairs for your guests. I did just that for our church youth group (20) and ladies prayer group (15). Here is the easy formula:  Less furniture = More people!

B – Bring your own happiness! You get to decide how much you want to have! There are so many things in life over which we have no control. Take the time to concentrate on the happiness that no person or circumstance can take away from you. Then share that with those around you.

R – Rest at least 8 hours every night! Give yourself the gift of sweet sleep! Accept the fact that there will always be something more to do. Sometimes we must sacrifice sleep in order to take care of loved ones. But don’t neglect your rest on a regular basis. Your body needs that precious time!

A – Accept this season of life! Sometimes life is not picture perfect. Sometimes life is not fair. Sometimes life is just plain hard. The reality is that everyone deals with something. But we don’t have to deal with it alone! Accepting the current season of your life with grace and courage may be your greatest victory.

T – Take away the clutter! All the clutter that we allow to accumulate around us eventually takes a toll on the quality of our lives.  According to a survey done by the folks at Spare Foot, clutter weighs us down with more stress, less energy, and unhealthy food choices. And most of us don’t really want more gifts that end up being clutter, either!

E – Enjoy the snow! Remember when it was scorching hot last August and you wished it was cooler? Well, your wish came true!!  I was completely surprised when I saw snow outside my office window this morning. It didn’t take me long to decide to take a break for a walk in the gently falling snow! I did take a few photos along the way, but basically I just enjoyed the crisp air and kicking the snow with my boots. I am pleased to report that I was the first one to walk on most of the sidewalks!


Celebrate—that’s how you hit a holiday home run!

How will you choose to celebrate?




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