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By February 3, 2016 8 Comments

How exciting it always is to be part of a sports team!

(And…how overwhelming it always is to be part of a sports team!)

Uniforms, equipment, shoes, bags, dirty laundry, schedules, phone calls, text messages, quick meals, team meetings, extra practice sessions, weather delays, tournament victories and defeats all make for quite an emotional roller coaster ride each season!

And of course you want to find the best way to preserve the memories of each season. I would like to suggest three main guidelines that will help you and your children organize and enjoy their sports memories.

  1. You can’t keep it all!
  2. Set limits.
  3. Choose the best.


Here are some ways to display and enjoy your memories:


Start each season with a empty bulletin board. Display team buttons, programs, pictures, ribbons, and awards. Have one display board for each child. This is their special place to shine! At the end of the season, choose the best ones to keep. Start fresh each season.


Start each season with a new binder with a clear display pocket on the front. Fill it with plastic page protectors. Simply add your team programs, newspaper articles, photos, and souvenirs as the season goes along. At the end of the season, choose the best ones to keep. You may be able to include several years in one binder.


Start each season with a clear plastic box. Decorate it in some way to reflect your team or sport.

This could be a shoe box size, tote box size, or sweater box size. It must be easy to handle, so stay away from the 30 gallon tubs! Drop in your mementos all during the season. At the end of the season, choose the best ones to keep.

  • TINS

Start each season with an empty decorative sports tin. Simply add your team souvenirs. At the end of the season, choose the best ones to keep. This could easily be used as part of the bedroom décor. You may be able to include several years in one tin.


Collect a variety of quality (not just a huge quantity of the same thing!) pictures throughout the season. Remember also to get pictures with coaches, managers, teammates, and bus drivers. It can be fun to also have pictures of the scoreboards or team signs. Try to capture the emotions!

Choose the best ones at the end of the season. Buy a poster size frame and randomly design your collage. These look great in any bedroom!


There is something thrilling about seeing your name engraved on one of those rectangle plates. Everyone should get at least one trophy in their lifetime!! However, eventually you must deal with the actual amount of shelf space available in the average home. It can look nice to mount a narrow shelf about 12” down from the ceiling all around the room and display them there. It is also a great idea to take pictures of your star with their trophies. The engraved or stamped plates can be removed and placed on a piece of mat board and framed.  Then the trophies can simply be donated to your favorite charity and reused by someone else. Again, pick the best to keep. Ribbons of all shapes and sizes can also border a bedroom wall or be placed in a frame or shadow box. Just don’t dump them all in a cardboard box and toss them into the garage.


Often children accumulate quite a few team T-shirts. Enjoy wearing them and then cut the front panels to a consistent size and sew together a T-shirt memory quilt. This makes for an especially nice graduation gift! T-shirts can also be made into pillows.


I didn’t want to omit the obvious, but I intentionally left it for last. Not everyone enjoys making fancy scrapbooks with endless embellishments and multiple layers of graphic design! And that is OK. As you can see, there are other ways to preserve and enjoy sports memories.
What is your favorite way to preserve and enjoy sports memories?

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  • What a great topic, Olive! Our two boys were in hockey for years, and each player received a trophy every season, not to mention team photos and all the other things you mention! And yes, the trophies did end up in a cardboard box for a while until we finally donated them. Good to know they can be reused!

  • Olive says:

    Thanks, Janet! Choosing the best creates a framework for setting limits. And it makes those items more special. Just having those few items on a shelf is enough to rekindle the precious memories of time spent with the Golden Angels homeschool volleyball team!

  • Great ideas, Olive! You really can’t keep it all, so setting limits and saving only the best are wonderful guidelines.

    • Olive says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Nancy! We so often try to keep it all and it just never works out quite like we thought it would. What we wanted to be a blessing becomes a burden. Once again we are rescued by limits!!

  • These are great suggestions! Thanks Olive. My son doesn’t want to let go of anything related to his baseball teams but his room is getting quite cluttered. I’m going to suggest some of these to him and see what we can do to make it more manageable.

    • Olive says:

      I think he will be pleasantly surprised, Hilda! You can truly savor the memories when you aren’t overwhelmed by the quantity. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

  • Seana Turner says:

    Great to discuss the “post” season treasures, as well as the sports gear. The trophies and ribbons and t-shirts. I’ve made t-shirt quilts for both of my children.

  • Olive says:

    I think the t-shirt quilts are a fantastic way to remember favorite sports moments, Seana! I am sure that your children love them!!

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