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By September 20, 2016 6 Comments

Everyone can have a beautiful home! Did you notice that I didn’t say “picture-perfect” home? It doesn’t need to be spacious or modern or fancy or trendy—it just needs to reflect your definition of beautiful.

Way back in 1880, William Morris said this: 



I recently discovered a book at my local library that visually explains how to do just that! It was hidden away in the 747’s just waiting to be discovered by shelf browsers like me.



A PLACE CALLED HOME: Creating Beautiful Spaces to Call Your Own

By Mr. Jason Grant

Grant is a highly acclaimed interior stylist in Australia. He knows all about creating that perfect setup for a magazine shoot. But he has a different perspective for our personal homes.

Grant offers this introduction in his book:

“For real life, I don’t believe we need to create ‘perfect’ homes. Instead, I think it’s about creating a space that says something about who you are and your style of living. Homes should be full of things that mean something to you; your space should reflect your personality.”

Grant’s book is a visual delight! The book is packed with gorgeous photographs, sparse text, and large type. It is truly a treat to browse through the book in one setting! The lovely photographs and creative ideas will inspire you to try some of the ideas for your home. Especially helpful are the clever uses for hundreds of ordinary items. His motto is “inspiration is everywhere!” I guarantee that this will be the most pleasant 270 pages you have ever read.

Here are just a few samples of his decorating advice:

“Be your own stylist.”

“Buy what you love.”

“Decorate with your mementos.”

“Listen with your heart.”

“Create a happy home inside and out.”

“Get a fun letterbox and make the postman smile.”

“Have your own spot.”

“Plants make for a happy home.”

“Make the mundane marvelous.”

“Be a clever shopper.”

“Be experimental.”

“Create your own happy place.”


One thing beautiful homes do not have is an abundance of clutter! This book can help you visualize what your home can be. This book can help motivate you to say goodbye to all the trivial, unnecessary things that clutter up your life so that you will have room for the things that truly matter to you.

You will be able to showcase your personality and the things that delight your heart.

It is a rather expensive book at $39.95. Isn’t it great that it was available at my local library for free?

And lucky for you, September is “Library Card Sign Up Month”! Take the time to visit your local library, sign up for a library card, and discover all the treasures and services just waiting  for readers of all ages.


What beautiful spaces have you created lately?

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  • Mev says:

    Cool ideas! I have never been one to want to buy decorative items just for the sake of decorative items. This post makes me want to pull out some things that are stored away in boxes and make them part of the atmosphere of our home–things like the drawings Nate purchased from a street vendor in Peru before we got married that are just waiting to be framed and hung!

  • Jo says:

    Just placed a hold on it at my local Library. Thanks Olive!

  • Mike foti says:

    Olive – love the Morris quote! There are too many people too focused on doing things to maximize resale instead of focusing on beauty, enjoyment and usefulness!

  • Olive says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mike! That William Morris quote is actually from a lecture in the late 1800’s in England. It is my favorite organizing quote. Your observation is sadly quite true. There are so many simple ways to add beauty to your home.

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