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By June 24, 2015 10 Comments

I enjoy this time of year when everything is growing and blooming! I like browsing through rows of plants and trees at the nursery and imagining them in my yard. I know I am an optimist at heart because I always believe that each of those plants will grow up and look just like the picture on the product card! I used to bring home more than I could really plant or manage. Now I am better at setting reasonable limits—the number of plants I bring home, as well as the amount of money I spend.

A few years ago, I was excited to find a beautiful flowering cherry tree, originally $44.98, reduced by 50%  to $22.46 in late June. And I even had the cash in my purse! I just knew it would be the perfect addition to my yard. There was a kind and friendly shopper who offered to transport it home for me. Some friends helped me plant it. I could barely wait to see it bloom the following spring. However, it did not survive the rough Ohio winter. It looked like a dried up bunch of sticks with no blossoms at all.

“No problem,” I thought! I went to my Yard Receipts file to get my receipt since there was a one year guarantee.

I found the product card.

I found the tree tag.

I found the 1 year guarantee tag.

But I could not find the actual cash register receipt!!!

And guess what? I did not get a refund!!! ☹

And the lessons I learned?

  1. Keep what is really important!
  2. Keep the important stuff where you can find it!
  3. Take time to read return policies when you buy items!

There is still a bare spot in my yard where the tree used to be. I think I will put a large landscape rock there. And hopefully, I won’t need to return it!

Have you ever misplaced a receipt like I did? Comment below so that I’ll know I’m not the only one! 


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  • Anita Pollard says:

    Yes I do this even though I save all of my receipts it’s the one receipt that I need to take something back that either I can’t find or have to tear through everything with anxiety and panick to find it. It’s awful.

    • Olive Wagar says:

      I would really like to think that all my plants are going to make it! But usually there are a few that don’t!! It is just nice to know that I have kept the right paperwork to get my refund!!

  • Suzy Kalmar says:

    Hi Olive,

    Your message is very timely for me. Two days ago I accidentally unplugged our coffeemaker, which meant resetting the clock, etc. I did reset the clock, but the delay setting to turn the coffeemaker on in the morning would not reset. The closest I could get to the intended time (7:10AM) was 5AM. Now I must go down each morning and turn the coffeepot on–a small thing, but annoying. The pot is fairly new, and I have the instruction book, but I will have to conduct a search for the sales receipt. Wish me luck! (Also, thanks to you, I bought a small kitchen timer, having long ago worn out the one I had. That has made my life easier, because I cannot hear the timer on the microwave if I am out of the kitchen, but I can carry this one with me wherever I go in the house. I think of you kindly when I use it. )

  • Kathy Wehmeyer says:

    I have found that it is best to make a copy of your receipt as some cashier tapes fade over time. It is also much easier to find in your files that that little (albeit long) strip of paper.

  • IINadine says:

    I have finally learned to staple the receipt to the paperwork that comes with an item I may want to return (I haven’t bought any large plants lately, but I might staple the receipt (folded to fit) to the plant tag). I just bought a pressure canner, and the receipt is stapled to the inside of the instruction book. I also learned to keep my plant tags on a split ring that is hinged in the middle. It is easy to add any purchases and delete any losses–and locate the receipt if there is a guarantee.

  • Rhonda says:

    After our second hot water heater broke in 15 years, we finally got wise and taped the receipt and warranty paperwork right on the heater. We also took a permanent marker and wrote the date of installation on the heater where is is quite visible. No problem when this one breaks. We’ll know where to find the paperwork .

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