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Do you remember the excitement of a high school sports pep rally? Everyone was cheering for a common goal—success! Everyone was working for a common goal—victory!

That was the scenario I experienced with over 500 professional organizers at NAPO 2017 Pittsburgh last month! I had the pleasure of meeting fellow organizers from around the USA, as well as from around the world. I had the opportunity of attending outstanding educational sessions. I enjoyed talking with people whose blogs I read every month. I even briefly spoke with the President of NAPO!  I listened as leaders in our industry shared their stories and wisdom. It was a fabulous four days!

The message that stayed in my heart after the conference was simply this:
“There is room in the marketplace for me!”
 I have a unique set of talents, skills, and experiences to share with my clients. I offer my own blend of compassion, encouragement, and respect that will bless those who read my blog or listen to my presentations. There are more than enough people and businesses in Miami County alone who need what I offer. I can confidently seek opportunities to share the Organized by Olive message–helping overwhelmed people discover the less cluttered side of life.

Now that I am back home, I want to transfer that excitement and wisdom to my business. I want to communicate clearly to my clients, readers, and listeners the benefits of discovering the less cluttered side of life. I want you to experience victory! I want to offer compassion, encouragement, and respect to everyone who comes in contact with Organized by Olive. I want to make a difference in your world.

Let me introduce you to my colleagues:

It was an honor to meet Hazel Thornton of “Organized for Life” from New Mexico. Her outstanding session was about “Networking for Introverts” based on the TED talk by Susan Cain. I highly recommend Hazel’s fantastic blog and newsletter.  In addition, she creates Clutter Flow Charts that help people make decisions about different areas of organizing.  Check out her website at:



It was also an honor to meet up again with Dorothy Breininger, better known as Dorothy the Organizer. I had the privilege of working as one of her assistants on an episode of “Hoarders: Family Secrets” in 2015. Her amazing session was full of compassion, honesty, and enthusiasm! She offers great information and encouragement at her website:


It was a pleasure to meet the Angela Cody-Rouget and the Major Organizers team at a meeting of Faithful Organizers! Perhaps you saw them on Shark Tank? It was inspiring to see and hear about her dedication to her clients and team. Check out the resources they offer at:



It was also a pleasure to meet Seana Turner, a fellow blog writer on Professional Organizers Blog Carnival and also a member of Faithful Organizers. Her sweet spirit and kind words are just as authentic in person as in her wonderful blogs. You will be blessed by reading her wise words. Check out her conference highlights at:



I am proud to be a member of NAPO, NAPO-Ohio, and NAPO-Virtual Chapter. I am thankful for opportunities to learn from my fellow professional organizers. My commitment to NAPO and its Code of Ethics empowers me to offer compassionate and confidential service to all of my clients. Let’s get started today! 



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