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By July 15, 2016 10 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, there are quite a few organizing containers, gadgets, and tools on the market! So many, in fact, that it can really be quite overwhelming just deciding what to use.

I would like to eliminate some of that confusion by suggesting a few simple organizing tools that consistently bring simple results. Not one is fancy or expensive, but they all deliver!





Jars would definitely rank as my perennial favorite! Every home I have lived in (13!) has had a kitchen counter with glass apothecary or mason jars filled with flour, sugar, oats, rice, beans, pasta, crackers, cookies, or candy treats.





Clear shoe boxes, sweater boxes, document boxes or storage totes also can be found all through my house. I like that they are inexpensive and stackable. I personally like the Sterilite brand.




20160713_093502 20160713_092433

I do have one that actually has shoes in it, but I have found them to be quite handy for a variety of other uses too, such as hair supplies, nail polish, craft supplies, stamps, craft scissors, office supplies, markers, crayons, batteries, phone chargers, pet supplies, gloves, hats, scarves, small dolls, little trucks, and small garden tools. I especially like the one that is a file folder organizer.





Cubical shelves are a real game-changer! Suddenly you can easily utilize vertical space! You have limits for how much of any item to keep. Your children can quickly find different toys and quickly put them away when they are finished. The cubes are perfect for books and no bookends are needed. I think a floor to ceiling wall of these shelves would be a fantastic way to decorate!

The bins come in all sizes, colors, and price ranges—just yesterday I found some for $1!





I first discovered these gems at The Container Store, but have since seen a smaller assortment of sizes at other retail stores. They are great for organizing silverware, utensils, office supplies, and jewelry. The drawers look fantastic and stay fabulously organized!





I like to have papers out, but not piled up, so stadium files are the perfect solution. The ones I use are black wire mesh and have three compartments.  Each one is for a different category, such as financial records and receipts, upcoming monthly folders, client forms, client folders, blog copies and ideas, and marketing ideas. These files help me keep a clear work space available.





Clipboards would definitely classify as “old school,” but they are extremely helpful in keeping that important list or paper from getting lost. I use several and prefer the $1 version at the Dollar Tree store because it has a very low profile clip and it fits in my storage tote boxes.





Even though I am no longer a student in school, I read a lot and take lots of notes! I always buy a stack of spiral notebooks when they are on sale with school supplies—often for less than 25 cents! It is so much better than having a bunch of stray papers. I just designate one topic per notebook, such as travel notes, Bible class notes, recipes, or notes from a favorite website.





The clear front version sold as pencil pouches are also very useful in the car for coupons, first aid supplies, personal supplies, snacks, and maps. Other sizes work well in your purse to eliminate overflowing clutter from receipts, makeup, medicine, and candy. This also makes it very easy to switch purses—just grab the pouches!


Organizing does not need to be complicated, fancy, or expensive. Simple tools can help you achieve great results! Which one will you try today?

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  • Faithe Pietce says:

    These are all so helpful. Thanks.

    • Olive says:

      Thank you, Faithe! Sometimes we look right past some very simple solutions. I hope these ideas will simplify and organize your life!

  • I’m also a huge fan of spiral notebooks – I have at least three on the go right now for various things. And the jars with the tea bags are very inviting!

    • Olive says:

      Spiral notebooks are old school, but they work! Just picked up 10 this weekend for 15 cents each!!
      The tea bag jars are right above my sink–easy to see and easy to use. Definitely user-friendly!!
      Thanks for picking such a useful topic for P.O.B.C.

  • Zipper pouches are nifty! Perfect for school/office supplies and any small items that need to ‘live’ together. Even better are the partially clear ones you have pictured. No need to guess what’s inside!

    • Olive says:

      You are exactly right, Stacey! And now is a good time to grab a few extra pouches with all the school supplies now out in the stores. I just used a zippered pouch for my jewelry items for a trip.
      Thanks for taking the time to ready my blog!

  • Jill Annis says:

    I thought I was old school because I use spiral notebooks. It’s good to hear others still do. They are my “go to” spot for making lists for my business. This is the perfect time of year to stock up (back-to-school-sales).

  • These are all wonderful organizing tools! I agree with you that stadium files are an excellent way to reduce paper piles.

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