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Would you believe there is a “No Dirty Dishes Day” to celebrate on May 18? Everyone loves a clean kitchen—but not everyone wants to do the daily tasks to end up with a clean kitchen! It really isn’t that hard. It is just a matter of repeating simple habits.

Marla Cilley, author of Sink Reflections, maintains that the first place to start when you are overwhelmed, disorganized, and living in chaos is by shining your sink! Take some time to get it super clean and shiny. Then make sure that every night you wash all the dishes or run the dishwasher so that the sink is clean and empty when you go to bed. The real benefit comes when you walk into your clean kitchen the next morning. The sink is empty and shiny. The counters are empty and clean. You begin the day with a fresh start!

Make sure to include everyone in your family to accomplish this task. Everyone eats the food, so everyone can help in some way to clean up the dishes and the kitchen. Divide up the tasks that need to be done, write them on slips of paper or a chart, and let everyone pick what they will do to help. It doesn’t need to take all evening to clean up the kitchen.

Perhaps you need to simply your meals so there is not so much mess in the first place. I like to wash things up or load the dishwasher as I am preparing meals rather than let things pile up. Maybe you need to use just one coffee cup or beverage cup per person each day. Occasionally you might use paper plates. Don’t think of your sink and counters as storage areas.

Perhaps your family tends to leave dirty dishes scattered throughout the house. Kindly request that those dishes be returned to the kitchen every day—don’t let them hang out on end tables and on the floor. Just this one habit can improve the appearance of any room!

Another way to avoid a pile up of dirty dishes is to have less dishes! This strategy forces you to keep the cycle of use/clean/put away going so that clean dishes will always be available. No one wants to start the day by having to wash a cup in order to have a cup of coffee!

When you are not overwhelmed with a pile of dirty dishes, you are more likely to want to prepare and cook a meal for your family. I suppose you could say that having a clean kitchen is a way of showing respect. Each day is an opportunity to be nourished with refreshing food. It is an opportunity to gather around a simple table and uplift each other with encouraging words. Having a clean kitchen validates the importance of these actions.

Why not make it a new habit to celebrate “no dirty dishes day” every night? Let me know below in the comments if you have any favorite strategies for keeping your kitchen clean! 

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