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Summer is a time when lots of folks are taking vacations and traveling all over (or out of!) the country. Traveling, especially for families, can be stressful, chaotic, and exhausting – but it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes all you need is a good strategy. My simple travel strategy? Decide. Organize. Enjoy!

Make some simple decisions before your trip.

Organize your preparation time.

Enjoy your trip!

Here are the details:

  1. TRAVEL LIGHT—Decide to use a small carry-on suitcase as your main piece of luggage, not only when your travel by airplane, but even when you travel by car.
  2. PACK EARLY–Decide which clothes you will take about 4 or 5 days before your trip AND start putting them into your small suitcase. Do not wait until the night before you leave!
  3. STOCK YOUR TOILETRY BAG—Decide to always keep your personal supplies ready to go. Buy small sizes and replenish after each trip so that you are always ready for the next trip!
  4. CLEAN + TIDY = HAPPY—Decide to pick up and put away, dust, vacuum, mop the kitchen floor, and clean the bathrooms the day before you leave. Ask your family to help! You will definitely be happy when you return to home sweet clean home!
  5. CREATE A FREEZER PLEASER—Decide to make an easy casserole or soup recipe a few days before your trip. Eat half that day and then freeze the other half for your first meal after you return home!
  6. SET LIMITS—Decide to designate just one bag per person for any miscellaneous travel items, such as books, magazines, games, phones, electronic devices, sunglasses, or snacks. Make sure the bag is easy to carry and easy to stow. And remember that new scenery can be very entertaining!
  7. MAGNIFY YOUR MEMORIES—Decide to take fewer pictures and delete the duplicates daily. Keep only the very best ones! Decide to buy less souvenirs. Write down just a few special memories each day.  The less you have the more precious each will be!
  8. REMEMBER TO RELAX—Decide to take time to truly relax;  be refreshed in spirit, rather than completely exhausted by constant activity.
  9. JUST IN CASE—Decide to take along your address book, emergency information, insurance cards, medical information, prescriptions, an extra set of keys, and an extra phone charger.
  10. REJOICE AND REPEAT—Decide to create a master list of travel items that is specific for the needs of your family. Update after each trip. It is such a relief knowing that all the important decisions about what to take have already been made!


Share your favorite stress-free travel strategies in the comments below, and also let us know what fun places you’re planning on visiting this summer! 


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