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By September 15, 2017 2 Comments


No one is really an instant success.

No one instantly sees all the fruits of their labors.


Preparation is taking the time to envision a desired result. It involves taking the time to decide what actions will bring that desired result. And then actually doing them!


“While most are dreaming of success,

Winners wake up and work hard to achieve it.”

– Anonymous


If you want to have a successful and productive morning, you must go to bed early enough to get adequate sleep. You must take time for a nourishing breakfast. You must focus on your #1 task for the day first, not on email or social media. These steps of preparation lead to success.


If you want to be successful at creating a cozy and peaceful home, you must decide to eliminate clutter. You must reduce the amount of items in your home. You must put things away. You must reduce the amount of additional items that come into your home. Having less will prepare for the opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge in your home.


If you want to be successful at having time to volunteer with your favorite charity, you discover ways to simplify other areas of your schedule. You set up a system to streamline your household duties. You schedule a specific time for cleaning. You do 1-2 loads of laundry every day. You plan simple meals with Insta-Pots or Crock Pots. You set up online bill pay and schedule a specific time for a weekly update. Then you will be prepared for the opportunity to offer extra hours for volunteer work.


The amazing thing is that you get to define what success means to you! Not everyone wants to live in a huge home, be extremely wealthy, or be famous. But every success story requires many steps. There will be many days of getting ready, getting prepared, and anticipating opportunities that will eventually come along the way.

But every success story has a back story—usually many ordinary days full of work and discipline.


My NAPO friend, Rose Lounsbury, recently celebrated a personal success—the publication of her e-book and paperback book. Check out this link for all the details.  Her persistent work over several months prepared her for the opportunity to become a published author—yahoo for Rose!


What is your vision of personal success?

What is your first step to make it happen?

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