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Whether we like it or not, there are about 12 weeks until the Christmas holiday! I am not reminding you of this to rush into the holiday season, but rather to offer you a perspective to plan and organize so that you can enjoy the holidays your way – without any guilt or apologies.

Before it gets wild and crazy, have a family meeting. Serve some holiday treats! Talk about your goals and expectations for the holidays. Let everyone offer their opinions and suggestions. You may discover that no one really wants to bother with certain time-consuming events or activities that you thought were absolutely necessary. Maybe one family member would love to put up outdoor decorations. Perhaps another would truly enjoy volunteering as a family at a local charity.

There is no one right way to celebrate the holidays. You get to decide that as a family.

Gifts, no gifts, or just a few gifts.

Decorations, no decorations, or just a few decorations.

Big parties, no parties, or hot chocolate and cookies with friends.

Visit every relative, stay home, or alternate years to visit.

Observe every tradition, create new traditions, or just mix it up.


The ideal outcome of your meeting with your family or just yourself is this:

  • Your clarified goals
  • Your action plan
  • Your appropriate budget


Absolutely do not let Target, Wal-Mart, or Amazon set the agenda for your holiday season! The reality is that you can’t do everything. You can’t go everywhere. You can’t buy everything.  You are completely in charge of how you choose to celebrate the holiday season. I hope that gives you a sigh of relief and makes you smile!


At 12 weeks out, you can make some decisions and set some expectations that will allow you to disengage from all the hype and frenzy. Mindfully participate and celebrate your way.

No apologies needed!


As a special gift, I am offering to your group or organization a complimentary 25-30 minute holiday program, Happy Holiday Decisions,  that would be appropriate for a staff meeting, lunch & learn, or holiday party. See the flyer below for details. Contact Organized by Olive by email for availability.



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