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By September 25, 2017 2 Comments

I imagine that we all know how to save money—we just need a few reminders along the way!  I offer these simple little phrases to keep in your memory. Little actions can bring big results. Pick the ones the work for you and your family. Enjoy saving some money!

(keep scrolling down for a free downloadable bookmark!)

A – Aldi (shop Aldi to save some serious bucks on your grocery bill!) 

B – Be creative

C – www.clark.com (Clark Howard has long been a favorite of mine – he shares great, budget-savvy tips on his site and podcast!)

D – Dollar General and The Dollar Tree

E – www.everydaycheapskate.com (Mary Hunt is another favorite; her resources have proven invaluable to me and my family’s debt-free journey. I think you’ll love her!) 

F – Fix food at home

G – Give the gift of yourself

H – Have a thrifty attitude 

I – Ignite your imagination

J – Joy = Having less 

K – Keep cash handy 

L – Limits are good 

M – Mary Hunt books 

N – Notice the simple things 

O – Offer yourself options 

P – Potluck hospitality 

Q – Quit complaining 

R – Repurpose and reuse 

– Shy away from shopping 

T – Take the bus 

U – Use it up

V – Visit your local library 

W – Wait before you buy 

X – “X” out envy 

Y – Your choices = Your life 

ZZZZ – Sleep well!


(Click>> bookmark download <<for the downloadable pdf – one for you and one for a friend!)


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