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I enjoy having a neat and tidy car.  It is a space that I use everyday, so I want it to be clean and refreshing. I have a license plate holder on the front of my car that says, “Hire a Professional Organizer.” It just might be that people form their first impression of my business as they casually walk past my car!

Beyond that, I keep my car clean for me!

Just like any space in our homes, a car can quickly become a magnet for clutter. Too many things that don’t really belong there hide under the seats and in the trunk. Old receipts, empty bags, and outdated coupons easily cover the floor.  A few minutes every day can really make a difference!

Here are a few simple things that help me to keep my car organized:

  1. PENCIL POUCHES—These are perfect for the car. They easily fit in the glove box or door pocket. They can be used for first aid items, personal supplies, maps, fast food supplies, candy treats, receipts, coupons, note pads, and registration/insurance papers. They can also hold small toys to entertain children. The size creates an automatic limit.
  2. COIN PURSE FOR QUARTERS—I don’t mind using the self-serve car wash, especially when I already have a good stash of quarters ready to use. I found a car wash in my town that actually uses hot water. I can give my car a thorough wash for only $5!
  3. LARGE TOTES—I keep these in the trunk. One large tote holds all my reusable bags. Another large tote holds all my emergency supplies. These fit nicely in the back part of my trunk with plenty of space for other items.
  4. FABRIC EYEGLASS CASE—This is just the right size for a few pens, a unsharpened pencil with a good eraser, and a tire gauge.  I use the pencil eraser tip to make it easier to reach the ATM buttons. It fits nicely in the driver’s side door pocket.
  5. FOAM CUP COZY—This works well for a comb and small containers of hand sanitizer and hand lotion. I also keep it in the driver’s side door pocket.

I expect my car to be clean every day. I remove trash, papers, and receipts every day.

I expect my car to be ready to use every day. I usually fill my gas tank on the same day every week rather than waiting until I am hovering over empty. I pay attention to the gas mileage reminder for getting regular oil changes. I file all car maintenance receipts in one folder so I know what has been done and needs to be done.

Taking the time to organize my car helps preserve the value of my car, too. My car is almost 10 years old, but it really looks rather nice! Little actions everyday can make a difference in the long run.

Do yourself a favor—organize and clean your car this week!


P.S. I designated a little compartment just for my name badges—now I always have the one I need!


What tends to accumulate in your car?

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