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Small Business Week 2015: Dream Big, Start Small

By May 8, 2015 2 Comments

Organized by Olive is thankful and excited to be a new statistic: one of the 22 million self-employed small businesses in the United States! Think for a moment about all the small businesses in your community. Then take a look at this infographic.

Peter Drucker once said, “Whenever you see a successful business, someone made a courageous decision.” Then they worked diligently to share their passion with others.

I can think of many times in my life when the concept “Dream Big Start Small” became a reality for me. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to go to college, but several compassionate people helped make it possible for me to attend Ohio Valley College in West Virginia for my associates degree (with only 34 students in the graduating class).  Then I finished my education at Harding University in Arkansas (with over 300 graduating seniors). For an ordinary girl from a small town, that was quite an accomplishment!

When I first started helping with church libraries, I typed up the labels for the book cards and book pockets. I learned from my dear friends Wendy and Karen how to introduce children to wonderful resources that would plant seeds of God’s love in their hearts.  Later I was able to share that dream by organizing children’s libraries at 3 other congregations. This continues to be a favorite hobby for me!

When I started homeschooling my 3 children, I dreamed about graduation days—but just hoped we could successfully finish one year at a time! Along the way, we were encouraged by so many other homeschooling families and friends.  If you are involved in the homeschooling adventure, make sure to connect with the great folks at Notgrass Company. Ray and Charlene and their team will bless your life!

I started working at a public library with one 3-hour shift at the circulation desk! I dreamed of doing so much more and eventually I had the opportunity to provide toddler story-times, homeschool programs, and many other children’s programs.

I started on the path to becoming a professional organizer by visiting one website. Then I read one book and signed up for one webinar. I previously wrote about this in the “I Did It” blog. And now over a year later, I am a professional organizer and one of those 22 million small business owners! My best cheerleader for my dreams was my mom, Zella.  I honor her memory by pursuing this new adventure with Organized by Olive.

What is your dream? Maybe you want to honor your family legacy by organizing all those photos. Start with one box. Maybe you want to have an organized office. Start with one pile of papers. Perhaps you want to offer hospitality at your home. Start by cleaning off the dining room table.


Share your dream in the comments below! And congratulate a small business owner in your community!



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