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I am very thankful that my little corner of the world has four seasons. I enjoy seeing the promise of Genesis 8:22 unfold before my eyes: “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” It was even pleasant enough a couple days ago to cut down a few grasses and perennials. I am eagerly anticipating the first day of spring tomorrow on Friday, March 20, 2015! I would like to suggest the following spring organizing tips:

S—SORT through your clothes! Go ahead and freshen up your wardrobe by saying goodbye to clothes that don’t fit, don’t look great, and you don’t like!

P—PURGE those plastic cups and plastic containers!

R—READ the magazines (or cancel the subscription). Then freshen up a hospital waiting room by donating your magazines while they are still current!

I—IMAGINE a calm, clean, uncluttered living room…then write down what you can do every day to make it a reality!

N—NIP the avalanche of junk mail by signing up for opt-out services, such as:




G—GIVE your extra and unwanted books, DVDs, and CDs to your local library for their annual sale.


I—INITIATE one new healthy habit!

S—START your day with a shiny, empty sink!


H—HEAVE old travel brochures, knickknacks, coffee mugs, T-shirts, souvenirs, and bulky suitcases to make room for fresh adventures!

E—ELIMINATE last year’s clutter from your porch and yard!

R—REPLACE your stained and faded kitchen towels with fresh new ones that make you smile!

E—ENJOY each spring day. Let your heart be refreshed and renewed!

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