Authentic reviews from actual clients!


Guest Room Closet

Olive came with fresh eyes, tools, and skills, as well as a deep respect for our belongings and opinions. I loved how she partnered with us! It was a great experience with lasting results. Consider this a 5 star review!



Pantry & Closet

Olive calmly emptied out these messy areas, grouped similar items together, and patiently helped me decide what items to keep, toss, or donate. She used practical and inexpensive storage bins and jars. I am now relieved to find whatever I need quickly & easily. Thanks for de-stressing my life!



Non-profit Agency

I cannot thank Olive enough for her time and talent in helping me accomplish the task of completely rearranging our library resources. The color-coded labels are very user-friendly. The Board members were quite impressed!



Resource Room

Olive worked efficiently to change a cluttered resource room into space that is easily utilized and manageable. She eliminated duplicate and outdated items, clearly marked all remaining items & maximized the space. I would recommend Olive for any organizing job!



Dining Room, Closet, & Entryway

Olive listened carefully and then helped me get started, stay focused, and make decisions. I appreciated her fresh perspective and fabulous ideas on how to rearrange furniture to change the flow in the room and maximize storage. My dining room, which had become my personal storage facility, is now a delight to use! Olive helped me see the possibility of what can be vs. the way things have always been.


Nancy Jo


Olive reorganized my cozy apartment kitchen so that my husband has his own coffee station area and I have my own cooking preparation area. We can even work at the same time without bumping into each other! My kitchen has never been so peaceful. And now I can also┬ádisplay and use my daughter’s beautiful pottery.



Office & Piano Room

Olive worked thoroughly and efficiently to clear my “dump space” of messiness and clutter. She helped me make quick decisions. She left me with motivation and a plan of action to maintain my new orderly space! Olive is one of the most organized people I have ever met. I highly recommend her!



Family Room, Kitchen, & Book Collection

Olive did a wonderful job of maximizing the use of our family room and kitchen counter. I don’t feel like we are drowning in stuff anymore. Just having a new set of eyes and an extra pair of hands helped us make sense of a pile of chaos. The kitchen counter was so clear I had to make a pie – I enjoyed rolling out the crust with plenty of room to spare. To Olive and pie!



Storage Closet

Olive helped us discover our junk closet which was so full of random things that we didn’t even know what was in there! Now everything is in a container with a label and we can easily find what we need. Thanks Olive!



Sewing Room

I thought my sewing room was fairly organized, but Olive showed me many more ways to achieve that goal. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Olive!