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It seems we have no shortage of fears.

Rational or irrational, big or little, we let fear reign.

Maybe it is time to finally face those fears one at a time.


Take heart from the wisdom of one of America’s favorite heroes—John Wayne!

We often fear starting a big project.

We imagine all sorts of things that will go wrong.

We over analyze what needs to be done.


How about a different approach?

Get a fresh piece of paper.

Get a stack of small sticky notes.

Write one action per note.

Hang up the paper.

Remove each note as you complete the action.

Celebrate when you finish the project!


We often fear trying something new like following a budget.

We don’t like the uncertainty of the outcome.

We actually don’t like change.


How about a different approach?

Commit to creating a budget.

Collect all your bills and receipts from the last few months.

Accept the limits of your financial status.

Make a one page plan for your necessary expenses.

Follow the plan and record your payments.

Use more cash and less credit.

Celebrate as you gain peace of mind!


Many people fear hiring a professional organizer.

What will she think of my mess?

What if I throw away the wrong thing?


Let me reassure you that professional organizers approach their clients with compassion. We offer an opportunity to see the situation with a fresh set of eyes. We don’t come with judgment. We come with solutions that work for you.


Organized by Olive helps overwhelmed people discover the less cluttered side of life. It’s not about creating a picture perfect space. It’s about eliminating the excess items that keep you from living the life of your dreams. It’s about identifying what items are beautiful and useful. It’s about finding out what belongs in this season of your life.


As a professional organizer, I work alongside of my clients, offering ideas and encouragement that will help them achieve their particular goals. I help clients envision new ways to use existing space. I demonstrate organizing techniques that can save time, money, and energy. I give my clients permission to let go of items that have already served their purpose. I offer donation suggestions and resources.


So many clients have said,

“I was afraid to get rid of stuff, but now I’m glad I did. I feel free!”


Don’t be afraid to reduce the amount of items in your home. I challenge you to donate at least one bag of items this week and every week until the end of the year. Discover for yourself the unexpected pleasure of extra space in your closets or on your counters. Discover that there is no need to constantly do laundry when you simply have less clothes! Smile when it takes much less time to straighten up the living room because all the old junk mail, newspapers and magazines are gone.


Don’t be afraid to contact Organized by Olive!

I will have a special little treat better than any candy waiting for you when you do!

Email: organizedbyolive@gmail.com

Phone: (937) 216-2952

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