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By December 21, 2016 20 Comments

It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff is in a typical store. We have been deceived into thinking that having more choices is always better. Guess what? Not true! Even selecting an ordinary item like toothpaste can be quite involved. You use up time, physical energy, and mental energy making decisions about brand, size, flavor, ingredients, packaging, production location, price, and coupons.

Then consider how much stuff is in a typical home—at all income levels. We surround ourselves with more than we use, like, or need. It seems to give us an artificial sense of security. We are “prepared” for “just in case.” But the reality is that all this stuff slowly drains our energy because it all comes with a hidden price tag. It becomes a burden. Before we know it, we become quite overwhelmed and discontent.

If you want to be extremely countercultural, try saying this every day—“I have enough!”

I have enough shoes.

I have enough sweaters.

I have enough scarves.

I have enough jeans.

I have enough jewelry.

I have enough craft supplies.

I have enough decorative items.

I have enough dishes.

I have enough appliances.

I have enough furniture.

The more you adopt this perspective, the more likely you are to eventually say—“I actually have more than enough!” And that is when you open the door to the reality that you can enjoy having less. Somehow we have to get off the crazy merry-go-round of just accumulating more and more stuff.

It is really a gift you can give to yourself every single day! No wrapping paper or bows are necessary! And the beauty is that you can right where you are. No experience necessary. Just learn as you go.

I guarantee that it will make you smile every day.

What simple thing has made you smile today?



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  • Elsa Barber says:

    Thank you, Olive. I feel refreshed after reading today’s blog. My list would also include, I have enough time. What a blessing.

  • Jill Annis says:

    This made me smile Olive! In addition to my warm home, crazy dog and having my daughter home for Christmas.

  • Sheryl says:

    I have more than enough yarn. Thank you.

  • Faithe says:

    I truly have enough. The only thing missing is enough time to visit family and grandkids.
    Merry Christmas, Olive.

    • Olive says:

      So nice to hear from you, Faithe! Hope you holidays are truly happy. I like to capture more time with my grandchildren through Skpye–I always have a stack of books ready to read to them!

  • Rhonda Daniel says:

    The older I get the more I agree with you. Surrounding ourselves with more stuff is just more stuff. I’m tired of stuff. It’s more I have to deal with, more I have to clean around and it’s more stuff under my feet. I want to be surrounded by my family. That’s the stuff I want this holiday and every holiday. They can get under my feet anytime.

  • Mike Foti says:

    Olive – well done post and very true!

  • You are so right, Olive! Having too many choices really makes it hard to make decisions. If someone asks me if I’d prefer black tea or green, it’s easy to decide, but if they offer me a choice of 10 different flavors, it’s overwhelming!

    • Olive says:

      Sometimes I deliberately choose the smallest store in town just to avoid so many choices. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment, Janet!!

  • What a beautiful mantra to adopt…”I have enough…” Being that this is so often the season of excess, I especially love that you’ve brought this idea forward now. Most of us do have enough, or MORE than enough. Perhaps what we need more of is time with our loved ones, new experiences, quiet time to think and savor. But there’s a good chance that we don’t need more “stuff.” Thank you for this lovely reminder.

    • Olive says:

      Thank you for adding your perspective, Linda! We are surrounded by so many advertising messages that we really do need to create our own offensive strategy. I think the message “I have enough” certainly gives us a strategic advantage. Enjoy your holidays!

  • Sue West says:

    I LOVE this idea and will share it[and give you credit]. It feels awkward to me to say “I feel grateful for,” or “I appreciate.” “I have enough….” feels much less formal and more like something I would really say!

    Saying this phrase DOES make me stop and think, “Do I?” And that means I need to stop and go look at the things, or stop and think about whether I have enough [exercise time, reading time, etc.] – the intangibles, too. Pausing and slowing down is always valuable.

    “I have enough.” Excellent. Thank you for THIS gift.

  • Olive Wagar says:

    Thanks for your insight, Sue! The little phrase “I have enough” has been a blessing to me and I’ m glad to know that it can bless others too! Best wishes for a fantastic new year!!

  • Audrey Cupo says:

    I love this phrase! I use it not only for myself, but as an example for my clients to show them that it is perfectly fine to say “I have enough”. I love to say “I have enough; therefore, I am enough”.

    • Olive says:

      Yes, Audrey, I agree! I want to share with my clients simple strategies for life and show them how everyday decisions truly make a difference! Saying (and believing!) “I have enough” and “I am enough” will bring peace of mind and happiness of heart. 🙂

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