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I have been watching the demolition of a large factory in my hometown over the last month. Each day a little more of the local landmark comes down. As the work progressed, I expected to see just one huge mountain of building materials in the middle of the lot.
However, much to my surprise, it soon became apparent that all the debris was clearly being organized! Yes—even in the midst of a demolition site there were piles of “like with like”! I laughed out loud as I observed the precision; there were definite areas of large concrete pieces, concrete with rebar, small concrete pieces, bricks, glass, metal wires, and wood.

Organizing in this way must surely make it easier to recycle, relocate, and maybe even reuse this vast amount of materials. And I couldn’t help but think, “If this mess could be organized, surely my living spaces can be organized too!”

When we put similar items together in our homes, we realize at least 3 benefits:

  • SAVE TIMElook only in one place for a particular item
    I keep packing tape, scissors, and a sharpie marker together in a particular kitchen drawer. If the tape is not there, I know that I need to buy another roll. I also keep envelopes, stamps, and my address book together at my desk.
  • SAVE MONEYavoid buying things you already have
    By relocating all my children’s picture books that were scattered about my house to one area, I discovered two books I was intending to buy online! How frustrating it would have been to have spent my money on duplicates I already owned.
  • SAVE SPACEeliminate unnecessary duplicates & free up extra space
    It is very easy to accumulate 3 or 4 drawers full of pens & pencils. Eliminate most of them to create storage space for other items you actually need!

So look around your home and see what you can gather up in a “like with like” pile—mail, magazines, newspapers, toys, shoes, dirty clothes, library books, or dirty dishes. Do what needs to be done with these items.
Who knows? Maybe your home will look even better than the demo site!!

Today’s Question: What did you gather together in one spot?

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