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It is easy to underestimate the power of one thought, one word, or one action. We tend to notice the big headlines, the big companies, and the big events. Maybe we secretly even want to be in that big and famous spotlight sometimes.
I would like to suggest that you focus on doing one small thing each day…and be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Clean out one closet.

Contribute to one charity.

Do one household chore.

Donate one pair of shoes.

Empty one trash can.

Fix one home-cooked meal.

Forget one mistake.

Forgive one person.

Listen to one person.

Make one phone call.

Memorize one verse.

Pick up one pile.

Plant one seed of kindness.

Pray for one family.

Read one chapter.

Rearrange one drawer.

Recycle one newspaper.

Reuse one bag.

Save one dollar.

Send one card.

Share one magazine.

Sing one song.

Smile at one stranger.

Throw away one unhappy memory.

Unsubscribe from one junk e-mail.

Visit one shut-in person.

Wash one load of laundry.

Wash one window.

Write one letter.

We often want to make changes to be more organized, but are overwhelmed by all the possibilities of where to begin…so we never begin at all!

Decide that 2015 will be different.

Start today.

Start with one.

For more thoughts on doing less to accomplish more, check out this blog post by our friend Jennifer. We love what she has to say about focusing on “the few things” as we head into a new year. 


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