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By May 31, 2016 6 Comments

“BUSY IS NOT A VIRTUE” says Rory Vaden in his unique best-selling book Procrastinate on Purpose. What? Did he say it was OK to procrastinate? Tell me more!

Actually what he advocates is identifying what is significant in your life and then giving yourself permission to manage yourself and use your time in a way that facilitates your priorities. Some activities need to be eliminated, automated, delegated, or delayed. Too often we let other people’s priorities override our own. Day after day, we let the noise of the world–emails, phone calls, social media, TV news, for example—constantly interrupt our focus for the day. We are “busy” but we never seem to accomplish what is really important.

There is no secret formula to create more time—each person gets the same amount each day, each week. Each one of us makes choices, commitments, and decisions. 24/7 = 168 hours for all. However, the decisions we make today can either create more opportunities or more work for tomorrow.

Consider these tools and tips:

  1. Identify your Most Important Task every day—do that first!
  2. Focus & Finish—develop your ability to concentrate on one task and finish it!
  3. Time-Tag your To-Do’s—schedule a specific time to get it done!
  4. Track your Time—fill out a time chart to get a realistic picture of your day!
  5. Know your ETR—Estimated Time Required to accomplish any task or activity!
  6. Practice Promptness—reduce stress by planning to arrive early!
  7. Often use the OFF button—turn off the TV, turn off the radio, turn off media notifications!
  8. Say “NO” to the rest so you can say “YES” to the best—it is your decision!


You simply can’t do everything, be everywhere, or watch everything. Confidently decide what accommodates your values, your goals, and your dreams. Tune in to your natural rhythms and honor your priorities. Know your big picture! Give yourself permission to do the truly significant things today.

Give yourself permission to ask for help to organize your home. Call Olive today at 937-216-2952 for your 30 minute free phone consultation. That first step will bring your closer to a better tomorrow.


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